4 Aug

I’m bored, i’m alone, i’m listening to weird Nightmare Before Christmas music so what am i doing that;s of use?
Trying to find a damn hoody or sweatshirt!

As someone who has been turned to the light side of buying official merchandise i’m finding it very frustrating that i’m drooling so much over an un-official Twilight hoody.
I really really want it but at the same time i just can’t justify buying it. i’m not supporting the actors and i could make one just as easily myself. no point spending so much on something un-official…..

But twilight hoodies are so hard to find. there really aren’t many official ones, and the ones that are official… frankly are pretty boring…. plus their expensiiiiiiive.

i so want it.

but at least i’ve found a good winter coat thing for me for uni! ^^ It’s bright yellow. i hate it that so many coats in the winter are black and although i have a black coat too i’d rather have another because a: it’s huuuuge on me since i’ve lost the weight recently. i mean it was big before but now it swamps me and b: it’s black…..

so basically i wanna do my usual “thing” and stand out. ramble ramble…. should probably finish the other post that i started this morning and never finished huh? XD



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