NEO does something right!!

12 Aug

Got my new issue of NEO today and i was absolutely disgusted with the BICS advertisement selling free hugs as a plus point.

But after i emailed them my disgust and got over it i read the magazine properly and first…. they have an article on Perfume!
ok i know it’s a fairly small article but it’s still a step in the right JPOP direction.

Also, the article on Shonen, the girl group Kurt Kobain had a gasm about reccommended a few of their support acts from their tour and listening around i have discovered Sputniko.
This girl is super cute and i have no idea what kind of music it is bit it rocks.
her song Mixi Song is just epic:

I Remember You:

so yeah! NEO has done something right.
We just need a bit more Hello! Project in there plz!



2 Responses to “NEO does something right!!”

  1. paul.thomas August 28, 2009 at 9:45 am #

    Just picked up my copy, odd for some reason all the WHSmiths round my work haven’t got it in this month.
    Well you say doing something right… The Shonen article was OK, but the Perfume article was more like a passing comment, less than a quarter of a page.

    But what really pissed me off, was the Expo coverage in LA and Paris. So how do they cover the French Expo, the biggest in Europe? That’s right a 3 page interview with a couple of people that work on Naruto, and again a passing comment about the whole Expo with a handful of Cosplay photos. Don’t get me wrong must be good for those into Naruto but I’d of love to have read a bit more about the Expo itself, “For those interested in Japanese culture as a whole it’s a mind blowing experience”…cheers for that, don’t feel like elaborating?
    And the coverage for AX, America’s biggest anime event, quarter of a page of text and 4 pictures of people in cosplay…

    Lol, I think I’m probably expecting too much? Rather than just seeing a few people in Cosplay how about some event info? Not really even fussed if AKB48 and Morning Musume didn’t even make it in there, always wanted to do the one in France so seeing what it’d be like and some more info would have been cool.

  2. paul.thomas October 10, 2009 at 8:12 pm #

    Just spent 2 hour sitting on the table next to Sputniko, she’s so cute!!!!
    Andnow watching her live, she’s awesome!

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