27 Aug

so i downloaded Momoko’s new photobook Momochii today and i’m currently looking at it and i have to say i’m pretty impressed.

Momo isn’t the most photogenic person but she’s so innocent and refreshing she has her own style, and it really comes through in this.

i love how they’ve made this PB similarly to how Nono and Aibon’s first PB together.

the bright colours are really nice and makes me feel happy! lol!

my favourite photos are of her in the yellow wellies and green raincoat.


she just looks like she’s having the best fun and it’s all so random. ><
Also gotta love those Angel pics too!


I think that because i won’t be able to afford koha’s PB, as much as i’d like to, i think i’m gonna have to download it too. same as Mai’s

Love for the painting photos too!
i love any and all painting pic sets, like from Hello! Yossui, 50W….. all sorts!!




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