Not very happy….

27 Aug

So the day that the 2006 Wonderful Hearts Land Summer concert was recorded, they weren’t having a great day huh?

over half the songs were lip-synced, Miyabi was off and Nono broke her leg the night before.

I’m really annoyed by the lip-syncing!
i know that they have off days and so they can’t sing very well live but as i’ve said from the beginning, if they’re doing a live concert why the hell aren’t they singing live?!
It’s pissed me off pretty well because the songs that are actually my favourite out all these are lip-synced.

thankfully Yossie’s voice was good enough that day and she sang bloody brilliantly. same as rika.

although now that i’m really looking and watching Super Generation by Yossie and Rika i’m not too sure that it is live……. ¬_¬ but i think it is cause yossie’s voice just went off a bit.

in anycase. i know it was 3 years ago but STILL!!!



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