28 Aug

So the next two weeknds are gonna be great.

This sunday i’m going down to my Uni house to continue painting my room and to do up the garden. which will be great fun. we’re even staying over night so it can be completed the next day.

that’s the reason i’m currently packing up my big canvas wardrobe with all my sewing stuff in and making my room a complete tip. the more i tidy the worse the mess gets. seriously.

anyways, should be fun cause a couple of my housemates will be down too!

Then the weekend after that on the saturday i’ve got it all planned to hang out with my guy and gal pals from the week i spent down at uni. i miss them all so so much it just seemed like a good idea to organise a day where we can chill, do purikura and drink. XD
Of course i’ve been so pre-occupied with everything that i keep forgetting it’s Super Kawaii Reina Saturday that day.

i have no intention of going. no need to pull skeletons out of the closet.

it’ll still be fun to hang out with them all.
can’t wait to see them.

Wanted to get that sorted before everything kicks off and the chance that we will hardly see eachother when it does get busy gets more and more likely.

wow. this post had like no relevence to anything. lame! >w<


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