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15 Sep

so here i am, sitting in a wetherspoons, drinking a coke and taking advantage of the WiFi and feeling very studenty.

this is all a real experience, i’ve been here 2 days and i’m alreayd coming down with something.
there’s only two out of 6 of us right now and we’ve had to deal with sorting the bins, because someone decided that the big black on was the dustbin when it’s actually the recycling bin, we’ve had to battle with the washing machine and the shower, neither of which seem to like us between certain times of the day and we had to catch THE biggest spider i have ever seen from the hallway floor and throw him out across the road.

we won’t be getting our internet sorted for a good few days so i’ll be out of action again, but not to worry, i’m not overly bothered. XD

my bedroom here is half the size of my own at home but i love it. it’s really cozy and cute and i can sit on my bed and play my N64 which is something i’ve never been able to do!

it looks very cheerful with all my momusu, yossie and hangry and angry posters plastering the walls though. ^^



Road to self destruction

11 Sep

So…. i seem to be on a road to self destruction.

first off…. i’m sure most people now know that Hangry and Angry (Yossie and Charmy) will be in Paris for the Chibi Japan Expo from the 30th of october to the 1st of november…. and i’m pretty sure that those who read my blog know that i have damned UFA to the deepest firey pit in hell.

well i take it back, cause it looks like i might be able to go now! ^_^V

It’s looking likely as well that i’ll be going to both Expo AND chibi japan expo now….. cause i’m taking friends there and taking their expo virginity.

but really, as much as the moeny thing was absolutely true until i realised i have a good £150 saved for spendies at expo, i can’t miss out on a weekend full of yossie and charmy, now can i?

so that’s the plan right now.
i’m on a path of self destruction. my fangirl tendencies have over-ridden the chance to eat for a fortnight just so i can see the one person i worship. hahahaha…..

oh dear….

So much STUFF!

9 Sep

well i have a deadline of…… 3 days left to get all my stuff packed.

I move out on the 13th, sunday.
SO excited!
looking forward to seeing my pals and to living by myself.

i mean, i’m a ditz so it’ll be tough but at least i’m not alone in the house. XD

We still need to get our internet and TV license sorted…. hmm……
so no technology for me for a few days i think.

so if there is even more of a lack of posts, that’s why. haha.

i should be in a better mood considering i have so little time left at home…… can’t wait to get out of this stupid town. blegh.

in anycase, i should get on with packing and stop being such a downer.
why haven’t there been more H!P related posts recently anyways…….. i think i’m losing my touch.
packing up all my stuff was like cutting off my supply of power. hahaha!

there will be something H!P related coming soon, promise! ^^



7 Sep

so i’ve been a bad girl.
i’ve really been slacking in posting up updates…..

but my life just isn’t that interesting right now.
i’m not making anything or planning anything. the only thing in my life right now is packing and moving down to bournemouth and although that is at least something it’s not the most interesting.
i think that even my H!P interest is suffering right now. I’ve had to pack up all my posters and calendar pages that were all over my wall and box them up. even my yossie autograph is sitting in a box right now because of my fear that i’d forget her.
both my pillows are hanging out in boxes as well.

i don’t feel much of a fan for doing that. i feel like i’m hiding them all away and i dun like it. ><

despite all this i have put through a teeny order through HelloProLand and bought myself two photos and a JunJun wristband. XD

those will hopefully be waiting for me at my new house when i move down! ^^

only 9 days til i move!!! excitement!

Meanwhile i have stuff to move down and things to pack!


Total Excitement!

2 Sep

So i’m sure many people have seen by now that on the H!0 Twitter feed they have posted about Nono’s own “relax wear” brand that she is selling through the celebrity shop on Ameba.

Nono ❤

It’s amazing.
and i NEED it.
and because the selling period is only very short i think i’m going to save up some money and buy the short sleeved pink top.

I’ve alreayd contacted a reliable person in Japan who i think can get ahold of one for me so all i gotta to is wait until he replies!!

hope i can get it. and i hope it’s not too much….. that’s really suck!

it’s the kind of top that would look really cute with leggings and boots or shorts and legwarmers. ><



1 Sep

Of COURSE Chinami gets a PB the day after i realise i can’t afford all the great mechandise coming out!!