7 Sep

so i’ve been a bad girl.
i’ve really been slacking in posting up updates…..

but my life just isn’t that interesting right now.
i’m not making anything or planning anything. the only thing in my life right now is packing and moving down to bournemouth and although that is at least something it’s not the most interesting.
i think that even my H!P interest is suffering right now. I’ve had to pack up all my posters and calendar pages that were all over my wall and box them up. even my yossie autograph is sitting in a box right now because of my fear that i’d forget her.
both my pillows are hanging out in boxes as well.

i don’t feel much of a fan for doing that. i feel like i’m hiding them all away and i dun like it. ><

despite all this i have put through a teeny order through HelloProLand and bought myself two photos and a JunJun wristband. XD

those will hopefully be waiting for me at my new house when i move down! ^^

only 9 days til i move!!! excitement!

Meanwhile i have stuff to move down and things to pack!



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