So much STUFF!

9 Sep

well i have a deadline of…… 3 days left to get all my stuff packed.

I move out on the 13th, sunday.
SO excited!
looking forward to seeing my pals and to living by myself.

i mean, i’m a ditz so it’ll be tough but at least i’m not alone in the house. XD

We still need to get our internet and TV license sorted…. hmm……
so no technology for me for a few days i think.

so if there is even more of a lack of posts, that’s why. haha.

i should be in a better mood considering i have so little time left at home…… can’t wait to get out of this stupid town. blegh.

in anycase, i should get on with packing and stop being such a downer.
why haven’t there been more H!P related posts recently anyways…….. i think i’m losing my touch.
packing up all my stuff was like cutting off my supply of power. hahaha!

there will be something H!P related coming soon, promise! ^^



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