Road to self destruction

11 Sep

So…. i seem to be on a road to self destruction.

first off…. i’m sure most people now know that Hangry and Angry (Yossie and Charmy) will be in Paris for the Chibi Japan Expo from the 30th of october to the 1st of november…. and i’m pretty sure that those who read my blog know that i have damned UFA to the deepest firey pit in hell.

well i take it back, cause it looks like i might be able to go now! ^_^V

It’s looking likely as well that i’ll be going to both Expo AND chibi japan expo now….. cause i’m taking friends there and taking their expo virginity.

but really, as much as the moeny thing was absolutely true until i realised i have a good £150 saved for spendies at expo, i can’t miss out on a weekend full of yossie and charmy, now can i?

so that’s the plan right now.
i’m on a path of self destruction. my fangirl tendencies have over-ridden the chance to eat for a fortnight just so i can see the one person i worship. hahahaha…..

oh dear….


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