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15 Sep

so here i am, sitting in a wetherspoons, drinking a coke and taking advantage of the WiFi and feeling very studenty.

this is all a real experience, i’ve been here 2 days and i’m alreayd coming down with something.
there’s only two out of 6 of us right now and we’ve had to deal with sorting the bins, because someone decided that the big black on was the dustbin when it’s actually the recycling bin, we’ve had to battle with the washing machine and the shower, neither of which seem to like us between certain times of the day and we had to catch THE biggest spider i have ever seen from the hallway floor and throw him out across the road.

we won’t be getting our internet sorted for a good few days so i’ll be out of action again, but not to worry, i’m not overly bothered. XD

my bedroom here is half the size of my own at home but i love it. it’s really cozy and cute and i can sit on my bed and play my N64 which is something i’ve never been able to do!

it looks very cheerful with all my momusu, yossie and hangry and angry posters plastering the walls though. ^^