really really quick update

3 Oct

this is only very very quick!!

we had internet for the space of 10 minutes yesterday until the housemate who owns this laptop logged on. now she’s the only one who can get it so i’m whoring her laptop to type this!

so far uni has been one big party. not that i expected it to be any different mind you.
this coming week is freshers week and starting tommorrow the week kicks off with the fresher’s ball. pretty dresses and suits galore. monday night is the fancy dress party with an Animal Kingdom theme, to which i’ll be going as an Arctic Fox! then wednesday night is the foam party!!! can’t wait for that! it’s gonna be amazing!

my H!P obsession is still in the forefront of my mind, i feel dreadful that i missed the news about the koha graduation. can NOT believe it to be true!!! totally absurd! fair enough that she’s grown up and may have gona onto other things but i kinda think it’ll be a bad idea, cause like, surely, next to aichan, reina, maimi, airi, momoko, risako and miyabi, she is one of the members who rakes in the most cash. although i guess the others probably bring in alot too.
maybe it’ll be good for the underdog members? give the wota a better chance to pay attention to them?
*gasp* maybe sayu will be given some of koha’s parts in songs!!! aybe she’ll centre more? or LinLin maybe???

in anycase,
i do have some H!P items in the post, a JunJun Cinderella wristband and some photos! ^^ thought i’d treat myself. haha!


i shall update again when i’m internet connected!!



One Response to “really really quick update”

  1. morningtime October 5, 2009 at 5:24 pm #

    So you’re studying really really hard then? 😀

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