Freshers week and Kimagure Princess

8 Oct

so, because i’m a total slacker still, i have today and tommorrow off of uni. it’s supposedly independent study but no one expects you to go in so…. but i do have homework. but i’ll wait till i recover from the foam party to start that.

in anycase, i should probably start typing up what i’m doing down here since becoming nice and elusive.
basically, our internet was F*cked up.
Virgin were being bloody useless and a: couldn’t help at all and b: then had “technical difficulties” so we didn’t get internet until about a week after the thingy was installed. then we got it for about 10 minutes, which was when i typed up my last post before our friend nicely reconfigured my housemates laptop so only SHE could get internet, needless today we were all a bit pissed, but since we’d alreayd gone so long since our last facebook update i don’t think we were too badly fussed. plus, we could check our eail on the uni computers.

in anycase, we managed to get it sorted a couple days ago and i’ve been all over the place this past week so haven’t been able to get another post up.
so that’s where i’ve been.
so it’s the end of freshers week for me. i didn’t get a wristband and don’t care for Beat Redemption or the Bar Crawl. *wrinkles nose* but i’m not fussed, i’ve had so much fun!!

started on sunday with the fresher’s ball. needless to say it was amazing and i had alot of fun, everyone looked amazing and the drinks were pretty cheap. the music was a bit sh*t though. but no one cared really. as long as there was a beat, we were dancing to it!!
monday was the fancy dress party themed Animal kingdom. it was so so so dissappointing! really boring, the venue was rubbish and we were knakered from the 3am bedtinme and 7am start the night before. so we were home by 12. then we ran out of electric on our top-up key and had to use candles on the kitchen table to see. lol!!

we got tuesday night off to reboot and do some work (psh!) and last night was the foam party!!!
it was the best!
I’d never been to one before and had alot of fun! even if i did get my foot stamped on and my toenail split almost in half! *shudder*
it was just amazing, and i’ve never been so soapy in my clothes before. it was awesome. kept getting lost when they turned the foam on though! haha! i think i still have soap on my hair, even though i showered this morning…… and my clothes are still all gross and wet. but i have to wait until my housemates get up to use the washing machine. only because one of them still has washing in there from last night. XD

OK H!P time.
Kimagure Princess.
is it just me or is this song really good??
i like it, it’s not as serious as Nanchatte Renai or Naicahau Kamo and it’s the first kind of fun song since Mikan.
it’s a little silly but still has the same mature sound to it that has been Momusu’s most recent style. it’s really good and i like it alot.
not too sure about all the high-pitched distorted voices though. they sound like Momoko….. XD

i really need to catch up on my H!P so that’s all i really have for now!! haha!

will post sooooooooonnnnnn!!!!!

Me and Jess at the freshers ball. <3 that girl! XD

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