Over Spending and Geek-out

10 Nov

Ok so i’ve over spent this week.
i’ve been good so far though but this week i have been mentally weak to the pull of nice stuff.

the other day i bought Nightschool volume 2. which is the 2nd (obviously) volume of the new manga by Svetlana Chmakova. incase you didn’t know, she’s the mangaka of Dramacon. anyways, i bought volume 1 ages ago and reall enjoyed it and it left off on such a cliff hanger i couldn’t pass off the offer that Amazon threw at me about it.

Then i pre-ordered the Star Trek movie.
don’t get me wrong, i’m no trekkie, but this movie was AMAZING!!!! and i meant it. bloody awesome.
i’ve been meaning to pre-order it for some time and now i actually have. and it’s done.
20th over november, bring it on!!

the next thing i have bought is Hangry & Angry’s Sadistic Dance UK release, also off amazon. (they’re loving me this week). the second i saw that Paul from Hello! Blog had linked to the amazon listing i went and bought it. i’m getting the limited edition for christmas but i thought i’d be a good, insane Yossie fan and buy the UK release too. hey, if it raises the chance of them coming here i’m all for it!!

The last thing i’ve bought this week that wasn’t an amazing new skirt from H&M that makes my waist look teeny and my legs look about 5 miles long, was the new Kingdom Hearts game for the DS.
i didn’t even know it had come out so when i saw it in GAME today for a tenner off i couldn’t physically put it back.
it’s pretty good! i’ll post something else up about it when i’ve played it more.

and now i’m off to make dinner a i have to go to a uni lesson in about half an hour. god sake, life drawing at half 6. blegh.



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