Finally something worth posting about!

26 Nov

So, i live a slow life at uni.
work, drinking, more work, more drinking.

it takes us 45mins to walk there and then 45 mins back, usually for only like 3 hours of lectures so naturally it’s not a particularly interesting, nor, i’m afraid to add, a H!P filled life right now.which sucks.


My newest photos arrived todaaaayyyy!!!

aaaaages ago, i bought some stuff from HELLOPROLAND.
but for the first time since buying from him, my items didn’t turn up., they vanished into thin air.
so that totally sucked.
i contacted him and was all “oi! where’s my stuff?” and he apologised etc etc, and let me choose new things.
now i was gutted because i had a JunJun Cinderella wrist band in there that i really wanted. but oh well.

so i chose some photos and after i couldn’t decide after 5 i told him to just send me some Sayu or JunJun ones to make up the difference.

he even gave me som freebies! yay!

so i’ll go take a photo and be right back!!


so, the reina one and the nine smile group one i don’t think are technically official. but i don’t care cause i love them. well, i’d rather’ve had a sayu one than a reina one but oh well!



One Response to “Finally something worth posting about!”

  1. morningtime November 27, 2009 at 3:07 am #

    Ah Junjun. Fast rising in my affections. Quite frankly I think she should have her own tv show or something. She’s far too entertaining to be at the back whenever MM are on Music Fighter.

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