Favourite member re-shuffle

22 Dec

end of the year…. ish and with the recent (and not to recent) graduations i thought it was a good time to post my new favourite of groups etc etc.

i’m also really bored.

staring with Morning Musume

#1: as always,
Sayumi Michishige

Just as i can’t understand the love of Ai, i don’t expect you to understand my love of Sayu. there’s nothing about her i don’t like. her imperfect skin just confirms the fact she;s human and not, infact, a goddess. 🙂

#2: JunJun!

She’s shot way, way up in my list recently.
She’s so interesting, and she’s gorgeous, i used to really hate both her and linlin after yossie graduated cause i felt that they somehow, had replaced her. but then i grew up. I’ve always preferred her over LinLin. Lin2’s eyes scare me!

#3/#4: toss up between Kamei Eri and Mitsui Aika

I keep getting flamed for liking aika but i can’t help it! the most i look at her, the cuter she gets! she can be totally retarded beyond compare but she’s cute too. and Koharu was pretty retarded and everyone liked her.
she’s gona up since Platinum 9 pics.
Eri, because she’s eri. amazing vouice, amazing body, amazing PBs…. she’s hawt. and you know it. 😛

#5: Niigaki Risa

i don’t dislike gaki, i just prefer the girls in front.
i’ve never had a huge liking for gaki really. but Momusu certainly wouldn’t be what it is without her.

#6: LinLin

not a huge fan of LinLin, there’s something about her eyes that scare me…. and i’m just not that impressed with her. she does have an amazing voice though, that can’t be denyed. 🙂

#7: Tanaka Reina

meh…. Reina is the member i want to like but just can’t be bothered to jump on the huge reina bandwagon….. not bothered about her really.

#8 Takahashi Ai

she’s a good leader but i don’t see the fasciation with her. no thanks! 🙂

Moving onto Brryz Koubou!

#1 Tokunaga Chinami

i LOVE Chinami. favourite member of BK by far! the others don’t compare. i used to think she was the weido kiddo with the huge grin and skinny legs. but now she’s gorgeous and amazing.

#2: Shimizu Saki

Captain, my Captain. ❤ for the underdogs. XD

#3: Sudou Maasa

Awesome Maasa is awesome. enough said. she’s brilliant! XD

#4: Tsuganaga Momoko

aaahhh Momo, the only member of Berryz i don’t know how to feel about. i dunno, i feel like i should like her cause she’s so small and cute…. but i don’t really….. hmm

#5: Kumai Yurina

ditto with Yurina…. i don’t dislike her, i just prefer the others. i do like her voice though! ^_^

#6: Sugaya Risako

don’t like Risako, her voice is like a vocal rollercoaster and i just think she’s over-rated. sorry Risako fans! 😛

#7: Natsuyaki Miyabi

don’t like Miya either. i think she’s over-rated and over used and needs to step aside for lesser members like Captain and Yurina. get more lines in Buono! where you’re liked.

Now, C-ute:

#1: Suzuki Airi

i love airi, she’s awesome in c-ute and even awesomer in Buono! she is lusssshhhhhh

#2: Hagiwara Mai

Mai is amazing, she has a great voice and she’s cute to boot. and now she’s growing up i’m allowed to say she’s hott! XD

#3: Nakajima Saki

dude! nakki is teh awesomez.
all the girls in c-ute are getting gorgeous as they get older and nakki is no exception. she’s amazing as many of you alreayd know. and deserves all the thumbs up i can give!

#4: Okai chisato

The koharu of c-ute. she’s like a puppy, mad and excitable. at least she doesn’t pee on the rug!

#5 Yajima Maimi

it’s not that i dislike maimi…. she’s alright. she can sing. but i think she’s over used (says the airi fan). i just like the other girls more than her.

OK! all done! phew!

have an awesome picture of momusu to take your mind off my mammoth blog post.

have another one

and another one

ok that one isn’t momusu but it’s still teh awesome. airi’s boots! ❤


5 Responses to “Favourite member re-shuffle”

  1. lord_jagganath December 22, 2009 at 11:02 pm #

    think you cocked the last one up luv .. there is no number 4 for the °C-ute ranking.. or was it on purpose : ;P

    • Hexi December 23, 2009 at 11:13 am #

      just a mistake…… when you’re looking at a wall of text it’s easy to make them. haha. *corrected*

  2. Jin December 25, 2009 at 3:24 pm #

    no no no >_< Gah, we would be so different when it comes to te Momosu ratings. xD
    But now that C-ute is down to 5 members, I have to decide my new order. o-o Since like I lost my favorite and least favorite. xD
    I'm also still not sure about Berryz. All I know is that Miyabi is first~~~ ❤
    Awesome post gurl 8)

  3. Nukoza March 24, 2010 at 10:34 pm #

    I agree totally with all your ratings. Especially Berryz Koubou and C-ute. I agree that Miyabi and Maimi are both WAY over used. They need to back it up a little for Captain. 🙂


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