Hangry & Angry Sadistic Dance Limited Edition

22 Dec


please accept my apologies on the total lateness of this post.
I only just got it as a christmas present and was allowed to open it tonight!!


so i already have the album, i bought the UK release ages ago. so i alreayd know whats on the album.
Mr Monkey is a wicked song and next to Lady Madonna it’s my favourite on the album.
I’m a bit disappointed with it though cause i think there could have been more effort into having new tracks. but it’s still a good album to listen to when i’m annoyed or when i’m tidying my room! XD

the Extras DVD was a little disappointing too as i think there TOTALLY should have been some more extras on there! like a couple of PV making-ofs and maybe even a little message from the girls. or a backstage thing at their concerts.

the little lunch box tin doesn’t disappoint though and it’s exactly what i expected it to be. all cute and compact and it goes perfectly with my other one! ^_^
we don’t get a cool luggage tag with this one though which is a shame. for the amount that they are there should have been something else.

onto the pic spam!


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