surprise christmas present!

24 Dec

i was sitting on the sofa this afternoon, watching tv, surfing facebook when “ding dong!” goes the doorbell.
the postie was standing in the cold.
i got a “hello! don’t see you very often anymore” when i opened the door “yeah i’ve been at uni”
“aahh that’d be why” and the small talk carried on like that for a bit while i signed for the nice friendly looking parcel her was holding in his hands.
i was a little baffled…. i don’t remember ordering anything that shaped…. i’ve bought a photobook which shouldn’t be arriving for another week or so and a book for uni off amazon which probs won’t be here until after xmas.
i was a little puzzled.

until i opened it.
it was my cute little Pink St. character Paul sent me. i don’t know what Pink St is but it’s a cute figurine and Paul was giving it away so of course i said hell yeah.
considering he posted in yesterday i was very very surprised! fast shipping this close to christmas? it’s un heard of!

anyway, i opened it up t see what she looked like and snuggled up in the bubble wrap was a very think envelope. this confused me even more, cause it was obviously a christmas card and i have no way of sending one back (a: no address and b: no cards. lol!). and indeed it was, but nestled inside of it anlong with the card was a note and 2 of the most awesome Yossie photo sets i’ve ever seen.
“Like i could go see Hangry & Angry without getting you something” the note said.
well, i LOVE them so thank you!
i now know why you wanted to send it before xmas. hahaha!

anyways, picspam

Thank you Paul!!!! :3


2 Responses to “surprise christmas present!”

  1. Kea January 4, 2010 at 7:32 pm #

    Soo, this comment is gonna sound weird seeing that I almost never comment on your blog but: I was with Paul at the H&A concert, with other fellows from Hello! Online.
    And when I found out while waiting in line that Paul was Paul Thomas (duh! me, lol, I had been hanging out with him and the others and hadn’t understood he was THE Paul Thomas), I said to him: “oh, I read your blog. You’re friends with Hexi, right?”. Haha, this sounds a bit stalkerish XD.

    • Hexi January 4, 2010 at 11:40 pm #

      not at all! i’m glad some people other than the H!P fans i alreayd know even read my blog! i’m surprised cause i talk such rubbish sometimes! haha! i was in awe when he told me! keh heh! 😛

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