I’m going to kill my postie…..

8 Jan

……cause he’s a total lamer.

i have 3 packages waiting to be delivered. all 3 of vital importance and i want them nao!

i have a new ipod docking station that was meant to be delivered yesterday, My Morning Musume calendar that should have arrived today and i have my H&A shirt from iceymoon that still needs to be delivered!

if he hasn’t delivered it by tommorrow morning (which is looking very doubtful cause our paths and road are still snowy and icey) i’ll have to go back to bournemouth without them….. *sniffle*

what a pain in the bum! i want my stuff!

on another point, i’m debating whether to save some of my xmas money to buy Nine Smile DVD and some other H!P bits…. which i probably will anyway, cause that’s what i planned it for. haha. also want their new album, Buono’s new album and…. what else is coming out? i dunno.

oh! i didn’t update about my new PB did i?

Well, my copy of Chain! Chain! Chain! arrived the other day, just after xmas actually and i’m soooo happy with it. it’s a wicked photobook and i was really surprised that it came still wrapped in plastic and had the poster and mini PB still inside!
i’m so happy with it, everyone looks awesome, although i wish they had done a solo section for all the members as opposed to just a select few but it’s still wicked.
Yossie looks awesome as always and Rika’s section is nosebleedingly good. guns, sexy cars, thigh length PVC boots and short skirts are always a good mix. haha!
all in all a very worthwhile purchase. it’s actually a PB i’ve been after for a long while now and when i found it i had to get it.

next Planned PB purchase is JunJun’s one (if she does actually get one), maybe Aika’s one and any new Sayu one!
oh yeah, i’m gonna be POOR!!!!!!



2 Responses to “I’m going to kill my postie…..”

  1. furimukanaide January 9, 2010 at 9:53 am #

    Whoah, you got Chainx3!?! That’s only like, the best photobook EVARRRR. You’re so lucky ^^

  2. morningtime January 10, 2010 at 2:32 pm #

    I’m currently waiting for one package from YesAsia, two from CDJapan and an ebay package. I hope it’s just the weather causing delays or something.

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