Weirdest H!P dream ever

10 Jan

last night i had a weeeiiiirrrrddd dream.

ok so i went to school, and i was in the same class as Mittsi.
no one but me knew she was in Morning Musume and even in my dream i was a big fan of them.
i really wanted to ask for her autograph but i was too scared to talk to her.

so i waited until she was by herself on the beach to talk to her and ask for an autograph and we chatted in mixed english and japanese. lol!

then some kids came running past playing games and Maimai was one of them, but i didn’t stop her.

then! i saw someone running around in a red tshirt and it was koha.
but she was a little worse for wear since leaving morning musume and she still had her awesomely huge hair style with a big red bow in it and her fringe but the rest of her head was shaved really badly, like Britney did when she went a bit crazy. lol!

then i woke up…. it was a weeeiiiirrrrdddd dream. 😛



2 Responses to “Weirdest H!P dream ever”

  1. morningtime January 10, 2010 at 2:33 pm #

    Koha won’t go mental after leaving Momusu. She was already mental before she joined so she’ll be alright.

  2. Jin January 10, 2010 at 3:02 pm #

    ROFL! wtf at the Koha moment. xD Having H!P is the best. 8) It’s like our own little piece of H!P, just for ourselves. ❤

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