Hangry & Angry shirt is baaaaccckkk

11 Jan

well it took a while of waiting but i finally have my H&A shirt back.
Iceymoon was kind enough to get it signed by Yossie and Charmy at Sakura-son back in April and sent it back to me recently.

When i got back to bournemouth i had a FedEx cardy thing telling me they had tried to deliver but no one was is (well duh, we were all scattered all over the country by that point) and that i could go onto the their website to say when i’d like it to be delivered next.

i was a bit sad because at the bottom of the card it said that if i hadn’t contacted them in 5 days, the package would be sent back to the sender.
but i logged on anyway and told them i wanted it delivered the next working day, thinking it might already be on it’s way back to California.
but believe it or not, it arrived early this afternoon!

it’s so awesome and i’m super happy with it.
so, even though to took ages, thank you Icey! 🙂

not all i need to do is figure out what to do with it….. could go on my mannequin i guess…..


One Response to “Hangry & Angry shirt is baaaaccckkk”

  1. furimukanaide January 13, 2010 at 4:53 am #

    Woooow that’s so cool! It’s kind of weird, but I love Charmy ANGRY’s writing down there. Probably because I love Charmy ANGRY.

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