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Hello! Poll 2010

29 Mar

aah the Hello! Poll.

It’s always fun when Paul over at Hello! Blog does these. it’s great to see twitter and blogs all over spammed up with everyone’s results and to see how peoples opinions differ!

I had the pleasure to test drive the poll while it was being made this year and i’m really impressed with the effort he put in. (up till 5am this morning i think? XD)

anyways, here are my poll results.

My top 5 probably aren’t much of a surprise to many of you…..

1: Sayu: My love for Sayu is solid and isn’t looking like it’ll budge anytime soon. unless number 2 gets anymore amazing that is….

2: JunJu~n! : i can’t understand why some people don’t like her….

3: Chinami: Legs legs legs. she’s awesome. and is so GORGEOUS now! she’s not just pretty anymore. she’s actually gorgeous.

4: Airi: i love Airi. she’s better in Buono! but she totally owns in C-ute too!

5: Eri: Eri has always been a bit of a drifter in my momusu faves. she’s never been more of a “i don’t dislike her but i do’t love her” member. but recently i’ve really begun to like her.

Likewise, with my least-liked members, those of you who know me, it probably won’t come as much of a shock to who is down there….

25: Ai: it’s not secret that i don’t like her. i know she’s amazing at singing. i know she’s the only strong leader possibility in momusu right now and i know she has an amazing bum. but i just cba with her. there’s just something about her that grates me the wrong way.

24: Risako: gonna get alot of hate for this.

23: Manoeri: nothing, anyone can say will make me like manoeri. she’s boring and bland and was more appealing in Ongaku Gatas.

22: Miyabi: meh.

21: Maimi….. only really down this far because i like everyone else more than her….. said it beofre but i don’t hate her, i just like everyone else more than her. lol!

there you have it. i’m beiing i’ll get alot of stick for my least faves. XD



Hangry & Angry Tickets!!

16 Mar

Got home after uni today to have my housemates give me a rather interesting looking envelope!

with the recognisable drawings on the front i knew instantly what it was though!


I’m so happy, i feel like it’s so much more real now i can hold them in my hand!
One for me and one for my poor friend who i’m dragging along. she seemed pretty happy to tag along though so whatevs. XD


Oh, and hello to Sarah and Emily incase you have decided to read my blog after all. i hope it’s all gobbledegook like i told you it would be. XD
larve yooouuu!!! πŸ˜›


6 Mar

first post in a looooong while and i would like to send out my apologies to everyone.

I’m very sorry to not be updating so often anymore.
but recently, my uni work has been piling up and i haven’t found much to talk about….

maybe i should start taking a Sayu’s Blog take on the whole thing and start updating every day and spamming loads of pictures of myself? too bad i’m not as pretty as Sayu….. or as egotistical. πŸ˜›

once i get internet on my phone i can start blogging more often i think.

let’s see…. Updates on Hexi’s life;

I’ve been listening to lots of SNSD recently.
I bought their new album and have hardly turned it off!
Be Happy and Stick Wit U are my favourite tracks on that Album, i love them.
I’ve listened to more SNSD recently that i have H!P. probably because all recent H!P releases (with the exception of Tomodachi wa Tomodachi nanda and Otakebi Boy, Our Songs and Otona Ni Naruze Muzukashi!!!) have been pretty Poor.

Onna ga whasit was so bad i can’t even be bothered to learn the name and Shock was pretty awful too.

I also downloaded Shocking 5 and it’s just that, shocking. I thought it would be a good album but the only 2 good songs on there were the Shochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu H22 remix and that one with Nakki, Mai and Chisato. all the others were no more than average songs.

I’ve sent in my photo for the S/mileage 10,000 smiles campaign!
i’m all up for a Major Debut from these girls and i’d can’t wait to hear more from them!
Suki-chan and their newest Otona ni Narutte Muzukashii have been a couple of the best H!P releases recently, so i happily sent in my smiley picture to add to their collection.
I hope they manage it.
If you weren’t aware of this, even though the news is a few days old now, run over to Hello! Blog or Hello-Onlinefor more info.

With more and more releases the line up of my fave S/mileage members changes gradually.

They used to be: Ayaka, Kanon, Yuuka, Saki
but now: Ayaka, Saki, Kanon, Yuuka. Saki has levelled up!

In other news which i’m Stupidly excited about and i’m sure many of you who read my blog have alreayd seen, HANGRY & ANGRY ARE COMING TO LONDON!!! I’m soooooo excited about this. My Favourite H!P member (well, ex-member but whatever) coming to London is the best thing that’s happened to me since i found out i got into Uni! I’m totally up for this and hope it’s gonna be an EPIC gig! in such a small venue i expect lot’s of Yossie eye rape. Gonna be in the front row!!! XD

And something i was also really happy about: my copy of We Are Buono! Finally arrived!!! yaaaaaayyyy. about bloody time too! took long enough!
As usual with Buono! releases the quality of both the packaging and the content is brilliant. with a proper sturdy box, nice glossy booklet and an awesome album. the DVD i think could have had more on it than just the Our Songs PV making though. Buono!2 had the making of the booklet on there too…. but it’s still fun to see them messing around like loons. πŸ˜€

I got all the luck with my member sleeve/card/thing. Total Airi WIN!!! πŸ˜€

I have Nine Smile coming in the post as well thankfully so i’ll be able to watch that. can’t wait! watched it on youtube a couple weeks ago and apart from Koha’s Grad it was a brilliant concert! wish i was there! X3

Yesterday we went to see Alice in Wonderland. the new Tim Burton one in 3D. and i have to say it was brilliant.
It wasn’t what i expected. and i little disjointed at times but other than that it was an awesome film and i really enjoyed it!
I think everyone should go see it, simple because, like Avatar, i think it’s more of a film made for 3D than 2D. still good though.
SO gonna be buying this when it’s released on DVD! πŸ˜€
New Moon gets released on the 22nd of this month too. might wait until it’s gone down in price a bit before buying, as my housemate is buying it and i can watch it to my heart’s content then. πŸ™‚ a bit cheeky yeah but ah well.


Dead Wig

4 Mar

today while searching through some boxes in my room….

i found my Amulet Dia wig from last May’s expo.

it’s a very dead wig….

i fear that i cannot save this wig from it’s impending doom as i used hot glue on it…..

it’s a bit mangled….

R.I.P Amu Wig….

sadly my camera is dead and i can’t upload a photo of it…. but believe me, it’s mangled…. 😦

currently writing a really long blog post but…..

3 Mar


When i got a text from paul over at Hello! Blog saying they were coming over i almost wet myself with excitement!
i was calmy eating my lunch in Noodle Nation with my bestie and all of a sudden my world came crashing down around me as i read the words: “Make sure you’re free on the 27th of May…Hangry and Angry performing in london”

i practically imploded!!

My friend is coming with me and we’ve booked our tickets! now all we need to do is skive off uni that day to get there at a decent time. :/

but STILL!!!!1

I wanna get eye-raped by Yossie!!!!!!!!

gonna wear my signed shirt i made too. πŸ˜€