Hello! Poll 2010

29 Mar

aah the Hello! Poll.

It’s always fun when Paul over at Hello! Blog does these. it’s great to see twitter and blogs all over spammed up with everyone’s results and to see how peoples opinions differ!

I had the pleasure to test drive the poll while it was being made this year and i’m really impressed with the effort he put in. (up till 5am this morning i think? XD)

anyways, here are my poll results.

My top 5 probably aren’t much of a surprise to many of you…..

1: Sayu: My love for Sayu is solid and isn’t looking like it’ll budge anytime soon. unless number 2 gets anymore amazing that is….

2: JunJu~n! : i can’t understand why some people don’t like her….

3: Chinami: Legs legs legs. she’s awesome. and is so GORGEOUS now! she’s not just pretty anymore. she’s actually gorgeous.

4: Airi: i love Airi. she’s better in Buono! but she totally owns in C-ute too!

5: Eri: Eri has always been a bit of a drifter in my momusu faves. she’s never been more of a “i don’t dislike her but i do’t love her” member. but recently i’ve really begun to like her.

Likewise, with my least-liked members, those of you who know me, it probably won’t come as much of a shock to who is down there….

25: Ai: it’s not secret that i don’t like her. i know she’s amazing at singing. i know she’s the only strong leader possibility in momusu right now and i know she has an amazing bum. but i just cba with her. there’s just something about her that grates me the wrong way.

24: Risako: gonna get alot of hate for this.

23: Manoeri: nothing, anyone can say will make me like manoeri. she’s boring and bland and was more appealing in Ongaku Gatas.

22: Miyabi: meh.

21: Maimi….. only really down this far because i like everyone else more than her….. said it beofre but i don’t hate her, i just like everyone else more than her. lol!

there you have it. i’m beiing i’ll get alot of stick for my least faves. XD



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