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Hangry & Angry Q&A in London!

22 Apr


those of you who may not read Hello! Blog that regularly may not know this but at the London gig of H&A this May (in fact, all of the European gigs will have this chance), there will be a Q&A session at which 2 people from the audiance will be allowed to go UP ON STAGE and ask H&A a question directly!!!!!!

I’m sorry but as a massive Yossie fan i NEED to get up on stage and ask a damn good question!!

I’m sooo stuck though. been thinking all day long and i want to ask the most awesome question ever but have nothing. i know i have a good month or so but still. i would really quite like to have an amazing question! XD

if anyone has any suggestions then please don’t hesitate to comment or something if you don’t mind me possibly using them for inspiration/using them.

needless to say this has just made me EVEN MORE excited for May 27th!!!!!!


C-ute get a decent release!

16 Apr


it’s been a long time since they’ve released anything decent. i think FOREVER LOVE was their last good single.

There’s a lot of product placement in it though.
In the words of Shirow “is C-ute’s new single an advert for the iPod touch?

needless to say the girls are looking smoking hot. i’m really happy that it’s a half decent song. it’s cheered me up and made my day. XD

Yossie is turning 25

11 Apr

So my beloved Yossie is turning 25 tommorrow (or today in japan technically).

So here is my yearly birthday post for her.

my love for her has never fallen a millimetre so matter how much the ordering of my favourite H!P members has.

I’m so excited for the Hangry & Angry concert i’m beside myself.

on Tuesday i’m getting a tattoo on my foot of a cupcake. simply because i i like cupcakes. but the frosting is going to be purple and i’m going to have Hi To Mi in hiragana in the sprinkles.
hooray for Yossie tattoo! it’s kind of for her birthday.
I also have a Sayu one planned to match with pink frosting. might get it for her birthday too. haha!

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Morningtime is gonna hate me for this

2 Apr

Yeah, so yesterdays post was an April Fools joke.

and i fully expect to be hated by Morningtime forever for that one. :3

Happy April Fools everyone.
stop believing stuff thats too good to be true. tee hee!

My New Found Love….

1 Apr

….Well in an event as unexpected as the slightly less recent addition of our new dog to our family. (which was a total accident, technically she’s still on a “tester few days”), i have discovered a new found love. in none other than the form of Aichan…..

i’m not totally sure why……

i was watching the Winter 2010 concert and she just blew me away! and her “boys and giirls” bit from 3.2.1 Breakin’ Out! from Nine smile is so adorable. i’ve never been so moe over Aichan before as many of you know. but i guess she had to get to me at some point. XD

time for some picspam! 😀

too bad i’ve alreayd cast my vote in the Hello!Poll……. :/