Hangry & Angry Q&A in London!

22 Apr


those of you who may not read Hello! Blog that regularly may not know this but at the London gig of H&A this May (in fact, all of the European gigs will have this chance), there will be a Q&A session at which 2 people from the audiance will be allowed to go UP ON STAGE and ask H&A a question directly!!!!!!

I’m sorry but as a massive Yossie fan i NEED to get up on stage and ask a damn good question!!

I’m sooo stuck though. been thinking all day long and i want to ask the most awesome question ever but have nothing. i know i have a good month or so but still. i would really quite like to have an amazing question! XD

if anyone has any suggestions then please don’t hesitate to comment or something if you don’t mind me possibly using them for inspiration/using them.

needless to say this has just made me EVEN MORE excited for May 27th!!!!!!


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