La lalalalalala La!

10 May

La has arrived!

first lot of H!P merch i’ve bought in a long while but i just couldn’t pass up Sayu’s new PB! :3

i LOVE the photobooks Sayu does. she’s absolutely stunning and this one is no exception.
I’d have like to have seen more happy skippy pictures in this PB and it was all a bit serious and moody. and although she can do deep emotion pretty well, i always enjoy seeing a bright and happy Sayu. 🙂

Absolutely favourite picture from the photobook. love the way the sand has like “collected” on her thigh. sooo hoot. *drool*



One Response to “La lalalalalala La!”

  1. morningtime May 12, 2010 at 10:46 pm #

    I’ve only had the chance to look through it once but she does look great. I know what you mean about there needing to be more happy pictures but I find that’s the case with most pb’s. I’d like to see more of a balance between sultry and fun. I’d like to see all aspects of the personality covered. Besides someone looking happy in a bikini works just as well as someone looking sultry. 😀

    Even so it’s another great H!P pb. The past year or so has brought some amazing pb’s. I just know Ai-chan will keep up that tradition. Even if some people won’t see it. >.>

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