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Road to self destruction

11 Sep

So…. i seem to be on a road to self destruction.

first off…. i’m sure most people now know that Hangry and Angry (Yossie and Charmy) will be in Paris for the Chibi Japan Expo from the 30th of october to the 1st of november…. and i’m pretty sure that those who read my blog know that i have damned UFA to the deepest firey pit in hell.

well i take it back, cause it looks like i might be able to go now! ^_^V

It’s looking likely as well that i’ll be going to both Expo AND chibi japan expo now….. cause i’m taking friends there and taking their expo virginity.

but really, as much as the moeny thing was absolutely true until i realised i have a good £150 saved for spendies at expo, i can’t miss out on a weekend full of yossie and charmy, now can i?

so that’s the plan right now.
i’m on a path of self destruction. my fangirl tendencies have over-ridden the chance to eat for a fortnight just so i can see the one person i worship. hahahaha…..

oh dear….


What, are there like, no good looking girls in Korea?????

27 May

So there pictures for the new H!P korean group are out and i have to say i’m very underwhelmed.
there are loads of them that look like bad look-a-likes of current members (although i suppose if they were THAT bad they wouldn’t look like them at all. :S)


korean girls

2: looks like Rika.
4 = Sawachan from Ongaku Gatas
5: looks like a round cheeked Risako
6: look it’s Guu-chan!
8: Reina
9: JunJun
11 looks a bit like ManoEri mixed with Shokotan
12: there’s a bit of Mikitty in there
15: Shimizu Saki

hmm…… couldn’t they find pretty girls who didn’t look like surrent members? We already have manoeri who looks like everyone so we’ve got that covered.

in anycase i’m quite interested to hear what these girls have got. loving the Lolita. ^^

I have a photo of my Phone Strap collection too (see previous post)


i love phone straps.
alrighty so from right to left we have:
gingerbread bunny. bought from Cute Plush
Nono and Ribbons: the ribbons i got free from a cracker this christmas and it goes really nicely with my Nono strap so they were put together.
Furuba: my first elaborate phone strap. i got it at last may’s Expo
Stars and PomPoms: bought from the Mr Panda shop in China town. loved it too much to put it back. ^^
White Shoe: gift rom Tomoko!
Kyo Cat face: bought in Milton Keynes while at a cosplay meet with some pals.
Cinnamon Roll Grapes: a mini present from the boyfriend for christmas. it’s supposed to light up but the battery ran out
Minnie Mouse Doughnut: present from Tomoko!
Chocolate stap: present from Tomoko!
Totoro strap: the oddest strap i have as it doesn’t actually look very good on my phone. so it stays in it’s packet. bought last May Expo!
Hello Kitty Pom Pom: Got in a gashapon pod thing at Expo this weekend
Platinum 9 Disco – Sayumi and Mittsi: my current favourites. the Sayu one inhabits my camera and my Mittsi one lives on my phone.
Yossie Sexy 8 Beat strap: Birthday gift from special friend. my only Yossie strap and probably the only one i’ll be able to find. also very much loved. lives next to my Mittsi strap.

and there we have it. my ever expanding phone strap collection. XD



Night Night, Lilly!


22 May




ah hell, let’s get drunk*!
a shitty week deserves a decent end! ><


although it's sad i won't be doing Koha now.
but that's not my fault. work and complete lack of time is to blame.
actually, i did start it stupidly late huh???

ok it's my fault.

*i won't actually be getting drunk. otherwise i will never get to expo in the morning.




15 May

Going sooooooooo well, i’m so proud and happy with it so far.
my glue gun is my bestest friend right now. all of the details on the front of the dress are glued on. XD

i have now finished all the spots. all i need to do is paint the emblem on, make and attach the shoulder bows and attach the velcro to the sides and shoulders.

then i need to finish the red dress.
i actually realised that the white bit on the front was the wrong shape so i’ve had to take it off and replace it with one the right shape….. need to attach the bows to the front and the ribbon around the edge.
Tommorrow i’m going to get more red fabric because apparently i’m useless and always buy too little fabric. seriously, this cosplay is costing me close to £60 now. my most expensive so far, not to mention the most complicated……
but i’m actually really enjoying it!
i have all weekend to do the red dress so it’ll be done i think.

the only thing im worried about is that the white over-dress is actually really heavy and i don’t want the red dress to stretch when i un-velcro the white one…… i might put another layer under the first layer of red dress to re-enforce it. it’ll work out.

THEN after all that i attatch the 2 together to ake one, magnificent transforming Koha Dress.
i’m so excited!!!!!!!!!


Progress of Doom!!!

14 May

Progress on the Chance! dress is going pretty well! i’ve almost finished the top dress panels. all i need to do is add the spot detail and the eblem thing plus glue on the velcro. the red dress is almost there too. ran out of fabric so i’ll need more. will get some on saturday but the top bodice is pretty much finished and has the first layer of skirt sewn onto it.
just need the bow details and the frilly bit around the white to go on there.
i’ll be able to start constructing it soon which’ll be awesome!
also found a dark purple wig that i’ll dye black for the hair. i just can’t use my own because a: it’s not long enough and b: it’s going to be going bright red soon so it’ll be useless.
so right now i’m wandring around going “where’s that damn black Sharpie?!?!?!”

20 mins later: note to self: Black Sharpie ink isn’t black. buy some Dylon tommorrow

The black lines are added now

The black lines are added now

sorry for the sideways picture. can't be bothered to flip it. ><

sorry for the sideways picture. can't be bothered to flip it. ><



11 May

Right…. well, there is….. 12 days left until expo and i’ve just bought fabric for my Koharu Chance! dress to wear on the sunday.

if i didn’t believe in my skills i’d say i was crazy…..



Amulet Dia is finished!

27 Apr

I am finished!
My master piece is all done. and i am so proud!

This cosplay was such a joy to make! it was so fun and i’m looking forward to Koharu’s Chance! dress. no doubt it’ll be harder!

So i was hoping that today i could take some photos of my cosplay with the nice weather and things but noooo. it had to rain. ¬_¬

royally pissed off i was when i woke up.

but i decided to take a photo of it wall together on my stand.

minus the humpty lock. i forgot it.

so there we have it. the entire outfit. you can see my wig and headset up on the shelf behind it:


ta daaaaa~!

I’m so proud.

I’m going to make a Bag to match to carry around with me so i’m not carrying a massive clashing bag. ^^

If anyone has any Questions about this cosplay and would like some tips then don’t hesitate to contact me! i’ll be more than happy to help.


Apparently i promised to do some Sewing tutorials a while back and i’m waiting for some feed back on what i should start off with so please expect some of those soon too. ^^
Drop me a comment if you want to reccommend one. ^_^

So i finished the wig yesterday.
i got a bit fed up with the pony tails moving out of place when i put it on, and also for the centre part that covers the netting at the back coming off and flopping down, and i didn’t want the kirby grips to be there permanently, so i figured that i probably won’t use this wig again for a different style and so took the glue gun to it.
just using teensy blobs here and there to hold the pony tails in place has really done it’s job and i’m much happier.
it also means the hair won’t bounce around and flop out of place while i’m dancing too so that’s a plus! ^_^
i think the ends need trimming a lottle so they don’t tickle my shoulders as much but other than that i’m really happy with it. ^^

Expo here i come