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Hangry & Angry shirt is baaaaccckkk

11 Jan

well it took a while of waiting but i finally have my H&A shirt back.
Iceymoon was kind enough to get it signed by Yossie and Charmy at Sakura-son back in April and sent it back to me recently.

When i got back to bournemouth i had a FedEx cardy thing telling me they had tried to deliver but no one was is (well duh, we were all scattered all over the country by that point) and that i could go onto the their website to say when i’d like it to be delivered next.

i was a bit sad because at the bottom of the card it said that if i hadn’t contacted them in 5 days, the package would be sent back to the sender.
but i logged on anyway and told them i wanted it delivered the next working day, thinking it might already be on it’s way back to California.
but believe it or not, it arrived early this afternoon!

it’s so awesome and i’m super happy with it.
so, even though to took ages, thank you Icey! πŸ™‚

not all i need to do is figure out what to do with it….. could go on my mannequin i guess…..


The End of Year 2009

30 Dec

So 2009 is nearly over. and i think it’s been one of the best years so far! πŸ˜›

first off, myself and my achievments etc.
i turned 19. which, although it’s not a great age i’ve enjoyed it way more than 18.
next, i got into uni…. and have been attending uni and i’m absolutely LOVING it! I’ve made some of the best friends ever, started drinking like i should have done when i turned 18 and have had my first taste of being single in 4 years.
it’s been an awesome year and here’s hoping 2010 gets better….. even though i’ll turn 20….. T_T

next is Hello! Project.
it’s been a great year for H!P and here are the top 10 things about 2009 for them:

in no particular order:

1: Morning Musume;

people have complained that their singles this year haven’t been great. but i’ve liked them all, except for SYO. Nanchatte Renai reached number 1 which is the first time since 2006 with Aruiteru.
Their concerts get better and better with each year and there is no denying the epicness that was Platinum 9 Disco.
and the members are getting better known. JunJun and LinLin and getting noticed more and the underdogs are getting more solo lines in songs.
it’s been a good year, if you miss out Koha’s graduation. but that only happened right at the end. πŸ˜›

2: Underdogs getting PBs! With the likes of Chinami, Maasa, Nakki, Yurina and Maimai getting Photobooks this year, it definitely needs a mention, now we need a JunJun and LinLin an Aika and a Chisato one and we’re all set!!

3: Buono!:

Not a great year for C-ute with all the graduations and crap singles but Buono! get more and more awesome as time goes by. With an awesome live concert dvd and singles and get better and better, Buono! are one of the groups that will be EPIC in the next year or so!

4: Hangry and Angry:

This year has been a great year for H&A, not exactly H!P but they have H!P origins. haha. They’ve been one of the best things about this year and not only have they brought much joy to my life with 2 albums and awesome merchandise, it’s brilliant to see Yossie and Rika carrying on and being active after thier graduation from H!P.

5: Elder Club’s graduation from H!P: a really sad event, and it changed Hello! Project in a major way, but in the long run it;s a good thing, the members can either quit, or go on their own paths. and the concert was the perfect send-off.

6:Kago Ai: also, not exactly H!P but the return of Aibon is brilliant. just to prove there’s life after death or whatever. love for Aibon.
by the way, she has her own Twitter account and goes by the name of lovbus. she updates pretty regularly, mainly in japanese though.

7: Morning Musume in LA! i didn’t go personally but there is no doubt that Momusu coming over to the west is a big and awesome step for Hello! Project. London next okay Tsunku? πŸ˜€

8: Alo-Hello! : with 3 different Alo-Hello releases this year it’s worth a mention. πŸ˜›

9: Berryz Koubou:

It’s been a great year for Berryz actually. mainly awesome singles, most of them double A sides, all but one member getting PBs this year and the continuing awesome that is chinami in shorts, makes this year for Berryz a really awesome one! πŸ˜€

10: Merchandise!
I’m a bit of a material girl and so the quality of merchandise is imporatn to me. and this year has been so exception. amazing photobooks, awesome shirts, the photos of the girls get better and better. phone straps galore. i love it all and it’s no secret that the merchandise is part of the reason why i love Hello! Project so.

and that my friends, is the top 10 of H!P from 2009.

my New Year’s Resolution is to keep my journal more up to date, to forget about a certain person i like, to eat healty at uni and to never find costume a chore.
and to drink as much as is humanly possible of course. πŸ˜€
and to continue supporting H!P as much as i can.

Happy New Year to everyone and let’s hope H!P gets better in 2010.

Favourite member re-shuffle

22 Dec

end of the year…. ish and with the recent (and not to recent) graduations i thought it was a good time to post my new favourite of groups etc etc.

i’m also really bored.

staring with Morning Musume

#1: as always,
Sayumi Michishige

Just as i can’t understand the love of Ai, i don’t expect you to understand my love of Sayu. there’s nothing about her i don’t like. her imperfect skin just confirms the fact she;s human and not, infact, a goddess. πŸ™‚

#2: JunJun!

She’s shot way, way up in my list recently.
She’s so interesting, and she’s gorgeous, i used to really hate both her and linlin after yossie graduated cause i felt that they somehow, had replaced her. but then i grew up. I’ve always preferred her over LinLin. Lin2’s eyes scare me!

#3/#4: toss up between Kamei Eri and Mitsui Aika

I keep getting flamed for liking aika but i can’t help it! the most i look at her, the cuter she gets! she can be totally retarded beyond compare but she’s cute too. and Koharu was pretty retarded and everyone liked her.
she’s gona up since Platinum 9 pics.
Eri, because she’s eri. amazing vouice, amazing body, amazing PBs…. she’s hawt. and you know it. πŸ˜›

#5: Niigaki Risa

i don’t dislike gaki, i just prefer the girls in front.
i’ve never had a huge liking for gaki really. but Momusu certainly wouldn’t be what it is without her.

#6: LinLin

not a huge fan of LinLin, there’s something about her eyes that scare me…. and i’m just not that impressed with her. she does have an amazing voice though, that can’t be denyed. πŸ™‚

#7: Tanaka Reina

meh…. Reina is the member i want to like but just can’t be bothered to jump on the huge reina bandwagon….. not bothered about her really.

#8 Takahashi Ai

she’s a good leader but i don’t see the fasciation with her. no thanks! πŸ™‚

Moving onto Brryz Koubou!

#1 Tokunaga Chinami

i LOVE Chinami. favourite member of BK by far! the others don’t compare. i used to think she was the weido kiddo with the huge grin and skinny legs. but now she’s gorgeous and amazing.

#2: Shimizu Saki

Captain, my Captain. ❀ for the underdogs. XD

#3: Sudou Maasa

Awesome Maasa is awesome. enough said. she’s brilliant! XD

#4: Tsuganaga Momoko

aaahhh Momo, the only member of Berryz i don’t know how to feel about. i dunno, i feel like i should like her cause she’s so small and cute…. but i don’t really….. hmm

#5: Kumai Yurina

ditto with Yurina…. i don’t dislike her, i just prefer the others. i do like her voice though! ^_^

#6: Sugaya Risako

don’t like Risako, her voice is like a vocal rollercoaster and i just think she’s over-rated. sorry Risako fans! πŸ˜›

#7: Natsuyaki Miyabi

don’t like Miya either. i think she’s over-rated and over used and needs to step aside for lesser members like Captain and Yurina. get more lines in Buono! where you’re liked.

Now, C-ute:

#1: Suzuki Airi

i love airi, she’s awesome in c-ute and even awesomer in Buono! she is lusssshhhhhh

#2: Hagiwara Mai

Mai is amazing, she has a great voice and she’s cute to boot. and now she’s growing up i’m allowed to say she’s hott! XD

#3: Nakajima Saki

dude! nakki is teh awesomez.
all the girls in c-ute are getting gorgeous as they get older and nakki is no exception. she’s amazing as many of you alreayd know. and deserves all the thumbs up i can give!

#4: Okai chisato

The koharu of c-ute. she’s like a puppy, mad and excitable. at least she doesn’t pee on the rug!

#5 Yajima Maimi

it’s not that i dislike maimi…. she’s alright. she can sing. but i think she’s over used (says the airi fan). i just like the other girls more than her.

OK! all done! phew!

have an awesome picture of momusu to take your mind off my mammoth blog post.

have another one

and another one

ok that one isn’t momusu but it’s still teh awesome. airi’s boots! ❀

Hangry & Angry Sadistic Dance Limited Edition

22 Dec


please accept my apologies on the total lateness of this post.
I only just got it as a christmas present and was allowed to open it tonight!!


so i already have the album, i bought the UK release ages ago. so i alreayd know whats on the album.
Mr Monkey is a wicked song and next to Lady Madonna it’s my favourite on the album.
I’m a bit disappointed with it though cause i think there could have been more effort into having new tracks. but it’s still a good album to listen to when i’m annoyed or when i’m tidying my room! XD

the Extras DVD was a little disappointing too as i think there TOTALLY should have been some more extras on there! like a couple of PV making-ofs and maybe even a little message from the girls. or a backstage thing at their concerts.

the little lunch box tin doesn’t disappoint though and it’s exactly what i expected it to be. all cute and compact and it goes perfectly with my other one! ^_^
we don’t get a cool luggage tag with this one though which is a shame. for the amount that they are there should have been something else.

onto the pic spam!

Top 10 Things About Morning Musume Right Now

20 Dec

After a debate with Morningtime over what the top 10 things about momusu are and completely disagreeing with his Ai filled list, i decided to make my own.
Top 10 Things about Morning Musume Right Now According to Hexi:

10: Kusumi Koharu’s graduation:

Ok, this is a little mean i guess but as much as i sort of liked the girl, you can’t deny that the absense of her undeserved solo lines and live performance ruining voice will mean bigger and better things for the likes of Eri, Sayu and JunJun. Sorry Koha, but i’m just not going to miss you that much….

9: Mitsui Aika
LOADS of people are gonna flame me for this one but i can’t help it. she’s so cute! she’s like a cat!
she’s not really my second favourite anymore but she reminds me of sayu she she first joined, background noise really. no one payed her much attention and she can’t sing for jack. but look at sayu now!
people complain about her lack of sex appeal…. she’s only like 16 people! jesus!

8: Merchandise
There’s no denying that the quality of Hello! Project merchandise has shot up recently. but with the appearence of tshirts with faces printed on the front, phone straps and amazing photo sets the Merchandise is totally an “up” with H!P right now. we just need some individual torso towels and member rubix cubes back now and we’re all set!

7: Niigaki Risa as sub-leader
Bring on the day when Ai leaves and Gaki takes over.
although taking the Gokkie number down to only one member is a bit of a sad thought……

6: The posibility of new meat!
So, this line-up has stayed the same for almost 3 years. as much as it’s awesome and all i’m ready to see some new blood and see if we can’t get back some of the range of characters we used to have within momusu.
now Koharu has graduated, maybe we’ll start hearing something about new auditions!

5: Sayumi’s Ego
I love Sayu, that’s no secret, and the thing i like most about her is her gigatic ego! she’s so self focused it’s hilarious. i think i relate to her a bit because of it. i have a big ego, nowhere near the size of sayus but big enough. πŸ˜›

Kamei Eri
There is absolutely nothing to dislike about this girl! she has an amazing voice, gorgeous face, perfect hair…. and she's started to get more solo lines and leads in singles! the girl is a living goddess, now bow to her lovely yaeba smile!

3: Sayu’s moles
they’re cute and perfect. a bit like another of my favourite member’s….

She’s a legend, cute, interesting, funny….. cute….. she has it all! she’s like a package of awesome.

last but not least, the best thing about Morning Musume right now:


Sayumi Michishige!!

I can just hear the yells of “OMG!” and “WTF!” and “HEXI YOU NEED A SLAP!”
sticks and stones people.
the girl has everything, cute, sexy, ice princess, quirks we never thought we’d hear (just watch her have the punishments in Hello! Morning!) there’s nothing bad about this girl. even her voice has improved one hell of a lot and she’s actually nice to listen to now!
Sayu is the bestest thing about morning musume. without her i would have little to no interest.
so there.
have a photo and bathe in her awesomeness

Road to self destruction

11 Sep

So…. i seem to be on a road to self destruction.

first off…. i’m sure most people now know that Hangry and Angry (Yossie and Charmy) will be in Paris for the Chibi Japan Expo from the 30th of october to the 1st of november…. and i’m pretty sure that those who read my blog know that i have damned UFA to the deepest firey pit in hell.

well i take it back, cause it looks like i might be able to go now! ^_^V

It’s looking likely as well that i’ll be going to both Expo AND chibi japan expo now….. cause i’m taking friends there and taking their expo virginity.

but really, as much as the moeny thing was absolutely true until i realised i have a good Β£150 saved for spendies at expo, i can’t miss out on a weekend full of yossie and charmy, now can i?

so that’s the plan right now.
i’m on a path of self destruction. my fangirl tendencies have over-ridden the chance to eat for a fortnight just so i can see the one person i worship. hahahaha…..

oh dear….

So much STUFF!

9 Sep

well i have a deadline of…… 3 days left to get all my stuff packed.

I move out on the 13th, sunday.
SO excited!
looking forward to seeing my pals and to living by myself.

i mean, i’m a ditz so it’ll be tough but at least i’m not alone in the house. XD

We still need to get our internet and TV license sorted…. hmm……
so no technology for me for a few days i think.

so if there is even more of a lack of posts, that’s why. haha.

i should be in a better mood considering i have so little time left at home…… can’t wait to get out of this stupid town. blegh.

in anycase, i should get on with packing and stop being such a downer.
why haven’t there been more H!P related posts recently anyways…….. i think i’m losing my touch.
packing up all my stuff was like cutting off my supply of power. hahaha!

there will be something H!P related coming soon, promise! ^^