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Favourite member re-shuffle

22 Dec

end of the year…. ish and with the recent (and not to recent) graduations i thought it was a good time to post my new favourite of groups etc etc.

i’m also really bored.

staring with Morning Musume

#1: as always,
Sayumi Michishige

Just as i can’t understand the love of Ai, i don’t expect you to understand my love of Sayu. there’s nothing about her i don’t like. her imperfect skin just confirms the fact she;s human and not, infact, a goddess. 🙂

#2: JunJun!

She’s shot way, way up in my list recently.
She’s so interesting, and she’s gorgeous, i used to really hate both her and linlin after yossie graduated cause i felt that they somehow, had replaced her. but then i grew up. I’ve always preferred her over LinLin. Lin2’s eyes scare me!

#3/#4: toss up between Kamei Eri and Mitsui Aika

I keep getting flamed for liking aika but i can’t help it! the most i look at her, the cuter she gets! she can be totally retarded beyond compare but she’s cute too. and Koharu was pretty retarded and everyone liked her.
she’s gona up since Platinum 9 pics.
Eri, because she’s eri. amazing vouice, amazing body, amazing PBs…. she’s hawt. and you know it. 😛

#5: Niigaki Risa

i don’t dislike gaki, i just prefer the girls in front.
i’ve never had a huge liking for gaki really. but Momusu certainly wouldn’t be what it is without her.

#6: LinLin

not a huge fan of LinLin, there’s something about her eyes that scare me…. and i’m just not that impressed with her. she does have an amazing voice though, that can’t be denyed. 🙂

#7: Tanaka Reina

meh…. Reina is the member i want to like but just can’t be bothered to jump on the huge reina bandwagon….. not bothered about her really.

#8 Takahashi Ai

she’s a good leader but i don’t see the fasciation with her. no thanks! 🙂

Moving onto Brryz Koubou!

#1 Tokunaga Chinami

i LOVE Chinami. favourite member of BK by far! the others don’t compare. i used to think she was the weido kiddo with the huge grin and skinny legs. but now she’s gorgeous and amazing.

#2: Shimizu Saki

Captain, my Captain. ❤ for the underdogs. XD

#3: Sudou Maasa

Awesome Maasa is awesome. enough said. she’s brilliant! XD

#4: Tsuganaga Momoko

aaahhh Momo, the only member of Berryz i don’t know how to feel about. i dunno, i feel like i should like her cause she’s so small and cute…. but i don’t really….. hmm

#5: Kumai Yurina

ditto with Yurina…. i don’t dislike her, i just prefer the others. i do like her voice though! ^_^

#6: Sugaya Risako

don’t like Risako, her voice is like a vocal rollercoaster and i just think she’s over-rated. sorry Risako fans! 😛

#7: Natsuyaki Miyabi

don’t like Miya either. i think she’s over-rated and over used and needs to step aside for lesser members like Captain and Yurina. get more lines in Buono! where you’re liked.

Now, C-ute:

#1: Suzuki Airi

i love airi, she’s awesome in c-ute and even awesomer in Buono! she is lusssshhhhhh

#2: Hagiwara Mai

Mai is amazing, she has a great voice and she’s cute to boot. and now she’s growing up i’m allowed to say she’s hott! XD

#3: Nakajima Saki

dude! nakki is teh awesomez.
all the girls in c-ute are getting gorgeous as they get older and nakki is no exception. she’s amazing as many of you alreayd know. and deserves all the thumbs up i can give!

#4: Okai chisato

The koharu of c-ute. she’s like a puppy, mad and excitable. at least she doesn’t pee on the rug!

#5 Yajima Maimi

it’s not that i dislike maimi…. she’s alright. she can sing. but i think she’s over used (says the airi fan). i just like the other girls more than her.

OK! all done! phew!

have an awesome picture of momusu to take your mind off my mammoth blog post.

have another one

and another one

ok that one isn’t momusu but it’s still teh awesome. airi’s boots! ❤



27 Aug

so i downloaded Momoko’s new photobook Momochii today and i’m currently looking at it and i have to say i’m pretty impressed.

Momo isn’t the most photogenic person but she’s so innocent and refreshing she has her own style, and it really comes through in this.

i love how they’ve made this PB similarly to how Nono and Aibon’s first PB together.

the bright colours are really nice and makes me feel happy! lol!

my favourite photos are of her in the yellow wellies and green raincoat.


she just looks like she’s having the best fun and it’s all so random. ><
Also gotta love those Angel pics too!


I think that because i won’t be able to afford koha’s PB, as much as i’d like to, i think i’m gonna have to download it too. same as Mai’s

Love for the painting photos too!
i love any and all painting pic sets, like from Hello! Yossui, 50W….. all sorts!!



That is such an unhelpful clue!!

19 Jun

So i was reading the clue about who the extra guest attending AX could be and the clue is so unbearably helpful!!

so thanks to Japanator the statment for the guest goes like this:

“Another special guest connected to H!P is rumored to be attending Anime Expo in Los Angeles. An official announcement should be coming early next week.”

and the clue:

“…at least part of that guest’s name can be found in the letters of the sentence in quotes above.”

How very helpful! not! it could be anything!!!!

Some ideas floating around are:
Berryz Koubou
Arihara Kanna

i thought it could be Buono! seeing as they never did do stockholm expo and Shugo Chara is pretty big in the US or maybe Hangry and Angry seeing as Saukra Con was so successful for them.

As cool as it would be, i think Arihara Kanna is the least likely, unless C-ute were going.

But someone from japanfiles posted a comment on H!B “It’s someone we’re excited about, and yes it’s a someONE… though a past/present group(s) affiliation wouldn’t be out of the question. ”

So it’s unlikely to be a group. Which makes it more likely to be ManoEri. *sigh*
or maybe even Ogawa Mana? She’s got an anime CD coming out huh?? and she’s related to H!P.
That being said it could be any of the graduated members……..

I don’t know why i’m making such a fuss over this cause i’m not going but i’m curious to know who it’ll be and how they’ll be recieved over there….

wait…… past/present groups affiliation? so maybe a member who was in an affiliated group who isn’t anymore? maybe Kago Ai? seeing as she’s H!P related, and was in Momusu? Or even NoNo?
i can see many fans getting excited about Aibon…… especially with ehr single being released? and wasn’t there a rumour eons ago about aibon and nono maybe doing something together again??
possibly even Goto Maki? H!P related and group affiliated?

or does past/prsent group(s) affiliated mean that they’re bringine one member of a group over?
cause that’s silly……

ok enough speculating. i’m too ill to think anymore.
now to heave my sorry butt off to work. Y_Y

Hello! Blog poll result predictions

29 Mar

Second post tonight, what can i say? i’m reeeeeeeeeally bored!
babysitting is not fun.
especially when i have to wait until like 1 or 2am before my boyfriend gets back so i can go to bed.


the western H!P fanbase seem to be going pretty mad over this year’s Hello! Blog poll. Like last year the results are everywhere you turn: on blogs and in forums and i’ve been looking through peoples’ blogs and polls results and i’ve decided to see if i can predict the top ranking members.

i have to say i wish last year’s poll was still around for me to do this year as i hardly had any idea which members from berryz and c-ute were which.
i just ranked them as “the ones who i knew vaguely” first and then “the ones i find cutest” after.
i hardly even knew which members in Momusu i liked over the others because i was still sulking about the Yossie graduating-and-being-replaced-by-junjun-and-linlin complex i had going on. so i wish i could still do that. my favourites change slightly each day i think though…… in anycase…….

have a feeling that the top 3 or 4 members are going to be:

Takahashi Ai: Unfortunately for me, lots of people like her. yes i know she can sing the hell out of Koi ING and she can dance pretty well but i find it hard to see past the smug aura around her that ruins it all for me. it’s like she has a big fanbase and she KNOWS it.

Konno Asami: KonKon has been rating fairly high and frequently in many people’s results and at first i was taken by surprise. then i remembered that she has a huge fanbase because she’s cute, funny, she eats food and does it slowly and she’s super smart and down to earth. she’s like…… the super smart girl next door who is really pretty so you’re afraid to talk to her but you still can’t help spying on her when she’s in the garden sunbathing.

Yossie: Nice to see she’s ranking so high. Yossie FTW! keep voting people.

Eri/Gaki: they both seem to be ranking pretty high. which is pretty good cause they’re both awesome so there’s no problem with that. XD

So those are my predictions for the top few. probably not in that order. but still up there somewhere.


New Stuff

28 Mar

So i went to pick up my stuff from the sorting office that the incompetent postie couldn’t deliver yesterday and it’s my things from HellProLand.

It’s taken alot less time than usual…. or it mightbe that i’ve been very pre-occupied with other things that are going on in my life to not take much notice.
but in anycase they’re finally here! ^^

My Rika shirt which as usual with most H!P shirts is so big i could wear it with tights and wear it as a dress.
3 Buono! pictures which i will hopefully be sending to Sweden with Paul in May and 2 of possibly the sexiest Yossie photos i’ve ever seen. i’m sorry but if anyone says she doesn’t look hott i will personally hunt them dow and gut them like a fish.

I want to marry her and have her babies.

enough OTT fangirling now.


It occured to me today that some people might have a hard time undertanding who i’m talking about as i’ve made up a couple of strange nickname for members.

so let me explain.

Plum = Erika Umeda – Ume is plum in japanese. her name kind of sounds like “Ume ga!” “It’s a plum!”. other variations include “Ocean” and “Yummy” (Umi = sea, Umai = tasty, yummy, delicious)

KumaBear = Yurina Kumai – because Kuma means bear in japanese.

Tubby = Sugaya Risako – because she’s recently gained weight….. sorry Risako.

i’m sure there’s a few others that i’ll come up with so stay tuned.


Platinum 9 Disc and Hello! Blog Poll

27 Mar

So after a while of waiting for all my H!P stuff to turn up i got a slip through my door today saying they tried to deliver it but couldn’t. incompetent idiot of a postie.

so i’m making my post without whatever it is that the idiot of a postman TRIED to deliver.

So a few days ago i got my copy of Platinum 9 Disc.
it’s a good album what can i say?
I wish H!P would kick it up a notch on limited edition releases though now that the elder club is gone and things.
the packaging wasn’t any different to a regular album. no photo card or anything.
the DVD is a little disappointing too. just all the different solo versions of Naichau Kamo, the performance from the Wonderful Hearts concert and a performance of Renai Revolution from the Elder Club grad conert.
why not put in a making of the booklet like in Buono!2?
it’s so frustrating. i paid that extra money and i don’t feel like i got much extra at all.
watching 4 minuted of each member crying isn’t very fun. and it almost makes you sick of hearing the song.
plus the dance isn’t very….. imaginative.
it’s just not a great DVD ok?

the album however is pretty good!

SONGS is a great….. song. i love the piano at the start that then turns into the really heavy bass line. definitely sounds like a song that starts a concert off.

Resonant Blue. Not my fave recent Momusu song but it’s actually growing on me.

Ame no Furanai blah blah blah? : i have to say, i LOVE this song. it’s so nice to hear a decent ballad from Momusu again. i like.
too bad it appeared on ICM’s album first though. doesn’t give it the same kind of “ooooh!” factor.

Take of is now! : Very TakaTanaGaki. it’s not difficult to listen to though. and i quite like it. not too bothered but hey. it’s an entertaining song i gues.

Naichau Kamo: if i have to type about this song again i might cry. lol!
it’s good. i like. but i loved it when i first heard it.

Watashi no something something Mittsi’s solo song: another song i LOVE on here. Mittsi is fast becoming one of my favourite Momusu members, she’s got a great voice (recorded) and she’s cute as a button but bless her she pulls off the rocky look so well too!
seen the new Momusu tour merchandise? yeah. she’s smokin’. XDsounds like it could almost be a Mermaid Melody opening theme tune…..

Guru Guru JUMP!: i actually really like this song! not too much squeaky Koha and it’s nice to be able to hear the Pandas for once.
i like italot and it’s fun to dance to on my way to work. yup. definitely thumbs up.

Mikan: what i like? what’s not to like? Mikan is a fun song. i can’t believe it did so badly. ah well.

Jounetsu no Kiss Hitotsu: another TakaTanaGaki song i like. it’s easy to listen to. those three’s voices go well together.

It’s You: Y_Y what a disappointment! Poor sayu got such a bad song! she should have gotten one more like Mittsi’s of Eri’s! it just doesn’t show us how much she’s improved.
i thought this would be my favourite on the album but it’s really not that amazing. poor Sayu!

Onna ni Sachi Are: also oe i’ve come to love. it’s only really recently that i’ve started to like “new” momusu’s stuff. and Onna ni sachi are…. i can’t believe i turned my nose up at it. we get plenty of JunLin and Mittsi and koharu isn’t abismal in it. it’s good! i like it alot!
another that’s fun to dance to on the way to work. xD

Kataomoi no Owari ni: Eri’s Solo! i ❤ this song! it’s so….. so….. Eririn! it’s awesome. Eri really is the best singer in Momusu i think. and she really should get more Solos. she’s porved that with Watashi wa Aoi Tori on Cover You and now this one too. she’s just awesome.

Kanashimi Twilight: Obviously my favourite on this album. it’s possibly one of my favourite Momusu songs. i just love it. it’s sexy and rocky and it has yossie in it. what more could you want.

So…. with that over and done with here are my top 5 songs from the Album:
1~ Kanashimi Twilight.
2~ Mittsi’s Solo
3~ Guru Guru JUMP!
4~ Kataomoi no Owari ni
5~ Ame no Furanai

yay! ^_^V

This Morning, Paul from Helo! Blog posted up his yearly poll.
this year is a bit different than usual with all the current members of H!P included.
You pick you’r top 10 and it’s all added up in 2 weeks.
so get voting.
Hello! Poll

Here’s my Ranking!

1~ Yossie: she’s teh awesome. why else?
2~ Sayu: ditto
3~ I ❤ Rika. Her and yossie go together like rice pudding and jam. you have the yummy pudding and then the tasty jam to give it an edge. that’s the way it is and the way it has been since the beginning of time. the end
4~ Nono: I’ve become a really bigg Nono fan recently. she’s just so cute! and although up until recently aibon was my favourite from W it’s been switched. she was so weird and cute. now she’s still weird and cute.
5~ Mako-chan: an unexpected one. she used to be in my top 3 members of H!P but others have taken her place. i don’t like her any less i just like the others more. ^^
6~ Airi: I’ve become a real Airi fan recently thanks to Buono! she’s definitely the best member there. but idon’t like Miyabi and Momoko doesn’t exaclt float my boat either. but she’s over-taken Mai in my favourite C-ute girl i think too….. sorry MaiMai.
7~ Chinami: my favourite Berryz girl. i dunno, she’s awesome. i think i started to like her after maybe the 4th hour of staring at her face while sewing her towel onto the pillow for paul?
8~ Mittsi: told ya she’s become one of my favourites. she’s just so different to the weird little cat girl with an over-bite who joine momusu when yossie was still around. i just really enjoy looking at and listening to her. i dunno. she’s cute.
9~ Gaki: she’s also teh awesome. enough said
10~ Mai: i still love her, even if Airi has over taken. ^^

runners up include:
~ Youko from ICM: i love her, she’s awesome. best personality in ICM i think
~ Nakki and Chisato from C-ute: they’re cuties. and i love Chisa’a voice. but i love airi and maimai more.
~ then possibly it would be Fukada from Shugo Chara Eggs. she’s so cute and her voice is lovely. and her Usagi no Dance video is too cute.

Lots of people are saying that this year’s poll is hard because they can’t narrow down the favourites to only 10. but i had trouble finding ten worthy of putting up.
i know it’s a bit odd but apart from the top 5 or 6 the others just don’t stand out too much.
i’m the kind of person who pays attention to one or 2 groups at a time. i have no realy capacity to contain much more so it’s hard when a member hasn’t struck me as amazing very recently to pick her out of the crowd so i end to go with favourites i’ve had for a while or ones that have hit me in the head with a brick with how awesome they are. *coughMittsicough*

when my camera is charged i’ll take photoooooos of the Album.



14 Feb

So the other night i got very bored and made up a couple of ranking lists for my favourite members of the wonderful hearts groups.

i know i have lists in my “who’s that girl” page which i will replace with these picture lists later. ^^


M’kay so i guess i should explain.

Sayumi: Only recetly became my favourite Momusu member. i really liked her before but before Yossie left she ranked maybe 3rd or 4th. After Yossie left i didn’t pay much attention to Momusu at all until very recently. but now i love her and already have far too much of her merchandise to begin to know what to do with. XD

Eri/Risa: It was a bit of a toss up between these two as i like them just as much as eachother.
i don’t really have a second favourite in momusu so the rest of the rankings are a bit vague. it’s kind of Sayumi and then everyone else. but Eri and Risa are my next favourites i think. i love Eri’s voice and she can work teh sexy soooo well and Risa’s smile is totally contagious, can’t help but grin along with her.

JunJun: So JunJun is by far my favourite of the Hatchikies. She’s just so……. there. i love her voice, not as strong as LinLin’s but i still love it. but then again I’m a Sayu fan. XD she was always my favourite of the two Pandas. even way back when i was mad that they “replaced” Yossie. i was mad cause i started to like her a week after she left and the panda’s joined. XD

Reina next: I’m not sure what it is about Reina but i just can’t put her near the bottom. i just think she’s gorgeous. and even though she’s no where near as cool as she was in her Yankee phase, there’s something about her i love. plus she has pretty cool merchandise. >w<

Koharu/Aika: another battle for this place. i’m not too sure what i think of either of them. i don’t really know much about Mittsi, i don’t know much of her personality and never really found any need to find out. On the hand of Koha……. i like her solo songs but the rest of her is a mystery. i can’t stand the over sugary character and …….. she bugs me.

LinLin: aaah….. LinLin…… she has a great voice, however it doesn’t really make up for the fact that she’s really scarey. just something about her freaks me out!

Ai: Well what is there to like about Miss Oldest-in-H!P-i’m-better-than-you-and-can-sing-the-crap-out-of-Koi ING? Takayucky.


Onto Berryz Koubou


Chinami: What can i say, the girl is gorgeous. never used to like her because in the early days she “looked funny”. a goofy little kid with poker straight black hair and a big grin. but now…… she’s gorgeous. the Dakishimete Dakishimete PV definitely helped me see that. as did staring at her face while i sewed it onto a pillow cover, lol!

Saki: Same as with chinami and the PV helping me see how much she’s grown and changed. plus i love her voice. it’s a nice change to the squeaky chipmunks we have lying around.

Momoko: speaking of chipmunks……. lol! i used to dislike Momo alot but recently, since she’s been in Buono! and the last few releases, her voice has become so nice and much deeper. it’s a relief and even though she’s still a little odd looking, she’s turned into a young woman and once again, looks amazing in the new pv.

Maasa: Maasa used to be my favourite. it’s not that i like her less….. i just like the others more now…… sorry Maasa!

Yurina: well i didn’t really know where to put her, she’s kind of like Mittsi in that we don’t really see much of her to judge a character. i don’t love her but i don’t dislike her either.

Risako: meh….. she’s ok. she can sing (just about) and that’s kind of it. i don’t like or hate her…. i nothing her.

Miyabi: OMG get some personality. enough said.


C-ute next!


 C-ute was by far the hardest group to rank. i just like them all far too much to really know what order to put them in.

Mai: Love mai. her voice, her hair, her eyes….. everything. she’s even purple. my favourite colour. enough said

Chisato: I love her eyes and how they aways look like she’s smiling. plus she can sing the crap outta songs so add great voice to the list too.

Saki: She’s cute, she has a great smile, love her hair and personality and her singing voice has the same kind of squeaky charm as Sayu’s does but in different ways. ><

Airi: I really like Airi, she’s cute, and can sing pretty well and we get to see plenty of her in PVs and stuf. she’s just uber cute. Favourite out of Buono!

Kanna: don’t really know much about her except that she can sing pretty well.

Erika: Ditto

Maimi: it’s not that i don’t like Maimi, far from it, i just prefer everyone else. ^_^


Also, Collection Update: My Sexy 8 Beat tour shirt arrived yesterday! I’m sooooo happy with it. i love it and it’s so comfy. can’t wait to team it up with my gold tights, black legwarmers and black shorts in the spring!

It came with the usual free photo and it just so happens to be of Gaki in my favourite concert outfit of all time from the Wonderful Hearts Summer 2006 concert. ^_^ yay!

Will post picture when i’ve resized them. hassle. -.-