A game cooked up by Shirow of Wotaku Now and myself.
Basically answering questions on Hello! Project members and being granted Awesome Points.

My Points: 31

It’s currently a twitter game. 😀
can be found under #idolgame

Current players:
Strawberry Chobi

they seem to change as and when shirow likes but here are the basic rules we have so far:

-Hello! Project idols only. 🙂
-Last winner posts the new pic and states how many points are in it.
– if one person guesses correctly first time they get all the points.
-1 point diducted for each wrong answer
-if the points reach 0 before anyone guesses right, the postee goes again
-giving hints deducts 2 points
-keep track of your own points
– tag all idlgame posts as #idolgame so it’s easy to fin and doesn’t spam up everyone’s twitter pages loads. XD


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