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A day of….. spending lots of money. T_T

15 Dec

My wallet and bank account now hate me.

Went up to london to mooch around with the boyfriend and meet up with Paul.
it was good fun, he’s a nice person in real life as well as online. see? i can make real friends! so neh neh nehneh neh to my family.

Started of the day waking up feeling much better than i expected as the night before i got quite tipsy. and on only an archer’s and coke, a blue lagoon and a shot of apple sourz.
i don’t think i’d have been that bad, i can hold my drink, but i was pretty much forced to drink the gigantic glass of blue lagoon through a straw really fast by the ever loving boyfriend. and as i was sitting down i didn’t feel the effects until a: i started craving chips and b: i stood up and lmost fell flat on my face.
well at least someone enjoyed himself. it was fun except when i almost fell over peeing in the dark because i was too desperate to wait till we got home. i didn’t need to go too badly when we left. but the loos were full and there was a queue anyways…..

but whatever. this morning i felt fine and after an hour of attempting to wake and getup, i hobbled into my clothes (many layers of tops, my Hangry & Angry Shirt, shorts, 2 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of legwarmers and my rainbow hat) and rushed to get out of the house in time to catch the train.
i’ve only just realised that i hadn’t even eaten breakfast. no wander i was so hungry by the time we got to waterloo! but a bagel soon sorted that at lunchtime and we went off to….. meet paul! that was it!
met outside of Forbidden Planet and mooched about inside chatting, bought 2 more volumes of Happy Hustel High (it’s really god! *nod) and then we went to find some cheese. not my choice, Paul wanted some for his parents for xmas.
Myself and the boyfriend stood outside while he chose the cheese and then we went and got lost. but on the way found an adorable hello kitty filled shop of cuteness that i bet my bottom dollar i won’t be able to find again!
after we found our way again we nipped into Orbital so i could buy Neo magazine and THEN we went off to Cyber Candy where we spent much time oggling over candied ants and meal worm lolliepops.


after that we meandered over to leicestor sq, after stopping off at the shoe shop for my boyfriend to check out. and then promptly went to the Nippon and Korea centre before going to a cute little bookshop tucked right out of the way of china town. we looked for some H!P cds in there, i found Ayumi Hamasaki’s Rainbow album but didn’t buy it, we didn’t spend much time in there though and then went over to the Japan Centre to stock up on yummies.
Paul bought Friday magazine and i spent way too much money on more stuff i don’t REALLY need but want anyway. after visitng another shop i can’t remember the name of we went our seperate ways. all of that took 2.5 hours can you believe.

Myself and the boyfriend went to another cute filled shop to buy me some xmas prezzies and then hopped on the tube to go to Harrods!
it was exciting. i thought the window displays would be more xmassy at this tim eof year but now. which was dissappointig. we went inside and spent 15 minutes looking at £300 earmuffs and chincilla fur coats and £23,000 watches before feeling really really poor and walking out.
then we checked outr a ouple of other shops before getting on the tube to Waterloo, buying some burger king chips and heading home.

it was fun but as always, tiring.

So i spent way over my budget today, i don’t even know why i even set myself budgets, i never keep to them.

Paul is turning me into him!
I’ve started to become a hello project mechandise loving fangirl! and my wallet is but a shadow of it’s former self.

Something that was really nice was that he gave my a Kindai mini magazine all about the futsal teams and this. with a niiiiice big spread of yossie in it. love it. love it. love it.
i also manage to scrounge a Reina keyring off of him today too. >w< but he offered me it aages ago so it’s fine. i think.
i said if i couldn’t have this one i’d steal his Koha one. xD wasn’t ever gonna happen.

I’ve just bought Sayumi’s Resonant Live shirt from HAROPROLAND.
i’m paying on thursday when i get paid though. but still. i’m happy. i love sayu so much.
my bank account would love me more if i didn’t spend so much money online….

*yawn* ok i’m off to bed now. it’s super late. and i have driving tommorrow.
i’ll post photos tommorrow!

ja ne~!


Out with the old in with the new

13 Dec

So a few changes have happened.
not many and they’re not particularly interesting/important but i lead a slow, uneventful life ok?

first is my phone strap! my Nono phone strap finally arrived yesterday and i changed it right away from this: sdc103121

to this: sdc103131


Hooray! In general I’m not a huge Nono fan but i just couldn’t pass this up when i saw it.

The second thing is that i have re-dyed my hair again. the pink before washed out really fast! much quicker than usual, maybe because the bleach was new and didn’t hold the colour long enough.

Going up to london tommorrow! wahoo! Paul owes me a yakisoba pan! >w< i also need to buy more Wonka Nerds, i’ve reaten almost the whole family sixed box mum got me the other day already!! but they’re so good! i can’t help it!

Today we’ve been prearing the house for our guests that are arriving at 6 tonight. we know them from when my brother was in the hospital for …. a month i think it was. they were also there because they also have kids with juvenile arthritis. so we’re all families in the same boat, they’re good fun.
anyways, i have (un graciously) volunteered my room for one pair of mum n dad to stay in. my room was automatically elected the guest room as soon as we moved in. luckily i’m staying at my boyfriend’s tonight so i’m not really being forced to sleep anywhere weird. but i’m not 100% happy about them staying in my room. it’ll smell of them afterwards and it’ll be gross!
that happened when my grandparents came to stay of a week. my room smelt of them for ages afterward, sleeping in a room that smells of your grandparents is not good! it’s so wrong! *shudder*

Been cruising the web and i’ve decided on a couple of things.
1: I want Yossie’s t-shirt from the lastest Come Together! Tour.
2: I REALLY want Sayumi’s Resonant Live t-shirt from HAROPROLAND on ebay.
3: I also want to buy C-ute’s album when it’s released in February. the Tracklist looks amazing
4: I need to buy more H!P merchandise. there’s some cool stuff ou there. if my Sayumi Mousemat is anything to go by.
5: I WANT A YOSSIE PHONE STRAP! now i have my Nono one, it’s made me want a yossie phone strap more than anything. but ther’s one tiny little problem to that, they don’t exist! there aren’t ANY yossie phone straps or charms to be found anywhere. Gatas keychain sure, but it’s kind of ugly. but absolutely no phone straps. it doesn’t help considering i collect the damn things. i want a yossie one! it’s so frustrating!

If anyone finds any please message me or something with a link asap!

Hope you have an excellent weekend everyone! I shall take photos of my fun in london on monday after my driving lesson!


Some Photos since my last post:

Awesome Cauliflower

Awesome Cauliflower

I would also like to takethis moment to laugh in the face of anyon e who owns the KagoTsuji PB without the pop-up in the back.
I didn’t even know when i bought it! >w<



Many many arms….

11 Dec

I have been watching Green Wing recently. if you’ve never seen it and understand british dry humour, go check it out. it’s hilarious!

that’s where i got the title from, Sue White the staff Liason officer has attached huge extensions to her arms and is freaking out a doctor with them. it’s so funny. best character ever.

So the Come Together Ongaku Gatas tour merchandise is out. and i ‘ve not really been interested in Gatas stuff, even if Yossie is on the team and is Captain/Leader of the froup. but these t-shirts are really amazing! with the simple number on the left shoulder and the awesome guitar design on the back! i MUST get this shirt! i don’t really agree with myself on getting shirts, part of me really wants them but the other part of me knows i shouldn’t get them. a: they’re too expensive (although not as expensive as some designer stuff, i argue with myself) and b: i’d never want to wear in because of my inability to keep myself spill free at meals and the such like (clutz or retard, you’re choice).
But i MUST have this shirt! not only is the shirt design awesome, we also get 2 large photos and also a bracelet which makes a nice change to wristbands which, although cool, im not too fond of.
i thought they’d have stuck to wristbands with gatas stuff considering they’re a futsal team. but in anycase, i really want this shirt.

Goit a lett through today from Bournemouth Art University, well i say got through but in reality i had to go pick it up because i had to pay extra postage on it cause they didn’t…. and on top of that i had to pay £1 for handling! how lame is that!
in anycase it was a letter to say that i have an interview!! yay! i applied for the Year 0 of the Set and Costume design for Performance. yay! i’m really excited! i was excited for my last one too! ^^
i’m so happy i’ve got a date through! i hope i can dazzle them this time, last time was a bit of a failure but now i’m older, i’ve done work experiance and i’m wiser about what’s to be expected of me and this is also the year below the one i got an interview for last year whcih i didn’t know about. ^^ i’m absolutely determind to get onto this course!!

mum went to the warehouse yoday and stocked up on amazing american stuff we used to get when we lived there. it’s so awesome. i love nerds. xD i got a bg box of nerds and gobstoppers and some gobstoppers candy canes. saves me from spending a fortune at cyber candy, xD

Memoirs of a Christmas past….

7 Dec


Our christmas decorations went up yesterday! our tree looks amazing as usual.
what i like about our christmas tree is that ever ornament on there means something. apart from the tinsel and a few lights i mean.
A couple years ago mum found something anbout what makes a true xmas tree according to olden times.
Something about the decorations being erratic and every one has a meaning.
which is totally our tree!
i hate it when people have themed trees. they just don’t mean anything to anyone… kinda cold.
my boyfriends mum has one of these horrible white trees which she decorates with pink and purple decorations. come on. that’s no fun! collecting decorations and getting them out each year and looking at them and saying “i remember that!” is something you can’t beat! some of our decorations go right back to when we were really little kids! ones we made! and we have some which we got when we lived out in america, and there are some which we got while on holiday and so they bring back really special memories and all sorts. there’s just nothing that beats the flood of memories that rushes out of the tree decoration box.

It must be really cold today! it’s half past 3 in the afternoon and it’s still frosty outside. i wouldn’t know because i haven’t stepped foot outside the house since friday. i’m not a cold lover. my fingers go all stiff in the cold.
too bad i’ll be sopending all day in it on sunday next week.
i’ll jut have to wear like 6 layers of tingts and tops. no biggy. the trick is to put on all those layers and not look fat!

anyways. i need to tidy my room now! ^^ ja ne~!


6 Dec

I think i’m totally PMSing…… i can’t stop eating this cake!
my mum makes excellent cake anyways but her mocha cake is to die for. anyway i’m bored so i’m doing this quiz! ^^

1. Have you showered today? Not yet

2. What is your nationality? British

3. What are you wearing right now? trousers and an Emo hoodie

4. What was the last magazine you read? Kindai and Neo

5. Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket?: Can’t drive by myself yet

6. Who was the last person you apologized to?: My boyfriend for waking him up.

7. What kind of toothpaste did you use this morning?: I haven’t brushed my teeth yet…..

8. When was the last time you received a haircut?: a week ago

9. What time did you wake up this morning?: 10 to 11.

10. What was the last movie you watched?: The Grinch (with Jim Carrey)

11. Did you meet anybody new today?: No, i’ve not left my house yet.

12. Have you ever broken a bone?: I fractured my right wrist when i was 8.

13. What is your worst habit?: biting my nails

14. What is your dream job?: Costume Interpreter

15. What color are your eyes?: Green

16. Have you ever been beaten up?: No, i try not to confront anyone.

17. What kind/type of humor do you have?: My dad’s. it’s awful!

18. Where was the last party you went to?: i haven’t been to a party in ages. i didn’t even go to my brother’s. xD

19. When was the last time you went to the beach?: October! holiday to spain. it was cold but i went!

20. What was the best Halloween costume you’ve ever seen?: ……. my friends cinderella costume when we were 7. but i was only 7.

21. Have you ever been in love with someone who didn’t love you?: Unfortunately yes! T_T

22. When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried?: the other day watching The Grinch.

23. What were you afraid of when you were younger?: the dark. i still am afraid of the dark though….

24. Are you more of a pessimist or an optimist?: Optimist!

25. What was the last compliment you received? “You look really lovelly today” from the boyfriend after i had just woken up.

26. What genre of music do you listen to?: J-Pop, Morning Musume etc.

27. Are you a “lover” or a “fighter”?: Lover!

28. What’s your biggest pet peeve?: People not putting things they pick up off the shelves at work back where they came from. even if it’s only 1 shelf above or below it.

29. Do you play video games?: Yup, but i’m not very good.

30. Are you a good singer?: lol no!

31. What is your nickname?: Roxi, or Hexi, my mum calls me pumpkin still and my brother clls me Amby when he’s being stupid.

32. Do you believe in aliens?: I wish i didn’t. it freaks me out.

33. What is your greatest fear?: Glass Floors amd being Buried alive! Y_Y

34. Do you believe in a higher power?: i believe there is something governing our lives but i don’t believe there is a god.

35. What did you wear to bed last night?: rainbow stripey pajama bottms and a hello kitty top.

36. Do you drink coffee on a regular basis?: ew no.

37. Are human beings essentially good or evil?: depends. Somethings humans do are evil but others are good… ish

38. What is the best movie you’ve seen this year?: Casino Royale. I had seen it before but forgot how good it was.

39. What social class would you categorize yourself in?: middle??

40. What kind of clothes do you wear/what is your “style”?: Ever seen the Mooks FRUiTS and Fresh FRUiTS? Yeah. like that.

41. What is the name of the last restaurant you ate at?:….. Wagamama

42. What actor/ress would you do a love scene with?: Yoshizawa Hitomi…. please?

43. Have you talked to your best friend today?: If my boyfriend counts as my best friend yes. i don’t have many friends anymore. ><

44. Which is better: “Friends” or “Seinfeld”?: Friends.

45. What time is it right now where you are?: 13.35pm

46. What was the name of your first crush?: Hans. no kidding.

47. What is the most important quality in a soulmate?: I can be completely myself around them and even if i’m weird he still loves me.

48. Have you been told you are good-looking in the last 5 days?: yes.

49. If you were to die tomorrow, who is the one person you would you want to spent today with?: Yoshizawa Hitomi

50. What is the weather like where you’re living right now?: Sunny but cold.

well that took forever.
ah well….

The thing’s i bought the other day haven’t arrived yet but i wanna post about them anyways. xD

The firs this is a Nono Phone strap. Its really nice and although Nono isn’t my favourite member i still like her enough to buy a phone strap. i’ve been trying to find a Yossie one but i simply can’t it’s impossible…… Y_Y

The second thing is a 2001 Morning Musume concert DVD. the Renai Revolution concert tour.
i look forward to watching it.

The third that i bought a couple days ago is a Sayumi Mousemat. i really like Sayu, she’s my favourite Momusu member right now and i just couldn’t pass up on this adorable mouse pad.
i’ve been looking for one in general anyways…. for my mouse and all and i simply couldn’t pass it off. XD it comes with a photo too.

I’ll post photos when they arrive! ^_^

4 Dec

I wasn’t actually planning on posting this week. i’m waiting on something to arrive and was going to post then but what the hey.

Work this week was…. work.
boring and tirind. working in a petshop is SO much harder than it sounds. it’s not all cuddling cute animals (except of clean out day) it’s more about lugging gigantic bags of dog food and 300kg bags of cat litter around.
it’s hassle and tiring. and the customers suck. but it’s good fun anyways…
although recently i keep thinking that my little mistakes are becoming too frequent. and unfortunately for my my manager and asst manager are noticing. i can’t help it though. i think i’ve become a little distracted recently. ive not really been feeling 100% since……. well spetember. i simply cannot shake this cold. or these many colds. i still have my cough. it won’t go away!!!! T_T

the Dr was useles and told me nothing was wrong, it “just that time of year” and to go to bed early……. I’m not going to fooking bed early!

So we’ve started playing xmas carols at home now. mum always sings along while she wanders around the house doing mumsie things.
christmas just isn’t christmas with out my mum singing while she potters around the house. it just feels so christmasy.
can’t wait till the xmas decorations go up.
i love christmas.
i haven’t had any good advent calender chocolates yet. i have a dairy milk variety one. so far i’ve had a turksih delight, a fruite and nut, a whole nut and another fruit and nut. LAME! i’ve eaten one chocolate so far. *sigh*

It’s soooo sweet, we have a teeny little bird who roosts at night above our window outside the porch, he’s so tiny1 the UK is freezing right now so i don’t know how the hell he is keeping warm but i took a photo yesterday. we think he’s a spadger (sparrow) but they usually sleep in colonies and stuff. anyway. here is a photo:


I’l post about my newest arrivals when they arrive!