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29 Jun

hi hi, kyou wa atsui yo ne?

i just want to lie on my floor with my Uchiwa, anime style.

sooooo hot.

that’s all really. too hot to type.

I’ve recently been addicted to K-On! it’s a really awesome anime. it reminds me alot of Lucky star, except the main character is more like Tsubasa.
Mio is Kagami, Ritsu is Konata and Tsumugi is Miyuki.

but it’s still original, and the music s really awesome. check it out. ^^

now i’m going to go lie on my cool floor and read. i should be sewing though…… god a deadline. XD

ja ne!

oh! and safe journies to everyone going to AX this week. hope you all have fun meeting momusu you lucky people!! >3<


New SNSD Single

27 Jun

New SNSD single! and the MV is out already!

i’ve only heard it once but it seemed pretty good.
although not as catchy-at-first-listen as Gee was.
still it works up into a generally great song. but it’s hard for these girls not to be awesome. ><

New toys

26 Jun

Rawr my first photo update on my new laptop. let’s see how Aka-chan deal with uploading photos! ><


hooray, she passes the test.

so yeah!
I fooking love HelloProLand. he’s just awesome. and this time was no different.
I’ve had my eye on Sayu’s Love Letter PB for a while and i finally bought it, along with an Airi badge and also 3 Sayu photos that were on offer and an Eri. i think. can’t remember if i got the Eri or not….. if it was free that’s cool.

so yeah!
Sayu’s PB is amazing. i’m really looking forward to 20’s Time now. i bet it’ll be great.
I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, Sayu really is one amazing specimin of beauty. She’s stunning.
and this Pb is no exception.
10/10 for Sayuness. yes sir-ee bob!

anyways, the pics were on offer and they’re all awesome. enough said.
and the airi badge too.

all fab.

sorry for the sideways photo. XD

Brace yourselves and hold onto your knickers!

25 Jun

It’s started.

Hexi has been spending a good part of the last hour looking at H!P photos….. no kidding.
and i’m seriously considering buying some….
nooooooo!!!! i can’t!!
i promised myself i wouldn’t! there’s no point to them! i have no where to keep them!!! arrrrgh!!!!

but their so pretty! Y_Y

And airi in her Cutie Rangers outfit is so cute!


i want them…. even if they have no use….

what do i do? Y_Y

The awesome that is Kago Ai

25 Jun

M’kay so this post will probably make me really late but i just wanted to say that Children of the Night, the B-side for no hesitAtIon is freaking AWESOME!!

It just totally brings Aibon way up the favourite idol list.
I’ve not exactly loved her recently, i have to admit, i thought her PB was dreadful and i felt she could have done totally better. and she just so has!
She was one of my top fave H!P members before she left but when the PB got released i totally lost respect for her.
but now….

she really is pure awesome.

i wander if Tsunku regrets firing her now??

whatever, go her.

in anycase, Children of the Night has really shot to around the top 5 in my favourite Bside tracks. and i’ve only heard it abut 4 times.
i just love it.
the english lyrics are really awesome, and…. ugh i’m late but i’ll continue this random post when i get back later!


Ugh. Ghey.

24 Jun

so here i am, sitting on the sofa, typing away while the family watch America’s Got Talent….. feeling….. well, in a nutshell, pretty dejected.

it’s one thing that i can’t see my boyfriend this week because he’s working on coursework that is due tommorrow and he’s working in the evenings and things……. but….. he went out tonight with a friend to stress relieve and calm down before the deadline tommorrow and fair enough he’s been really stressed out and things….. but when i asked if i could go too tonight, the answer i got was “well why don’t you wait until saturday. then you can build all the excitment and it’ll be even better”….. well yeah, but i want to see you.

it’s usually him that bugs me to see eachother.
and fair enough that he’s going out with a friend but i still feel…… unwanted a little.
why can’t he chill out and relax with me there?

i don’t mean to use my blog as a way to complain or anything. just to vent…..

back to my usual “genki” self tommorrow.

Aaahhh so much better

24 Jun

so my new teeny laptop arrived today!
dad calls it a netbook which i know is technically right but i prefer “baby laptop”.
it really is ickle.

so here i am sitting on the sofa typing away listening to my brother and his friend playing Super Mario Smash Bros Brawl. it’s very boring.
i really suck at that game. XD

i’m having a bit of trouble getting used to this thing. i keep missing letters.
and the touch pad thing is much closer to the keys that on my big laptop so i keep going to move the cursor and end up poking myself in the leg or something.

but yeah.

anyways, last night i got bored. and what does a girl who’s forbidden to see her boyfriend for an entire week and gets bored at quarter to 9 at night do?
she bakes that’s what.
i made shu cream puffs.
i made the custard the long way, to soothe my nerves you understand, and it was totally worth it.
unfortunately i didn’t get any photos because they all got eaten too fast but at least they were a success i guess……
they really were good
wish i made more………

i failed my theory test AGAIN. but i did way worse this time than i did last time.
i don’t get it, i can past 9 times out of 10 when i practise at home but when it comes to the real thing it just happens to be the one time i fail.
i’m so pissed off
i wanted to be driving by at LEAST august but it’s not going to happen now.
i have my next test booked for the 15th of July (Release date of P9Disco DVD! ^_^V) but i really don’t want to throw even more money at them.
it’s bollocks that you should have to pay at all. but i guess with all the idiots on the road then it’s a fair reason. but for the good drivers like me it’s shit.

oh well, my nan paid for this one again so i suppose it’s not all bad. crying got me somewhere this time. lol!!

whatever, i’m bored.
ja ne.