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19 Oct

It was announced today that in March 2009 the Elder Club will be graduating from Hello! Project. All of them.
Every single one!
That includes Yossie, Rika, Mako, Konkon… all those wonderful girls we’ve come to love since the start of Momusu and right through too…..

Im hoping against hope that Yocchan will be keeping up with Hangry and Angry in the future because i don’t know about you guys but i just don’t know what i’ll do for my yossie fix now! now that is closing and stuff. it seems that this is the end of Hello! Project as we know it.

at least we have one hell of a concert to look forward to. it had better be amazing. even if it is unbelievably sad!



Posts…. or lack of…

18 Oct

I apologise of the lack of posts!

I’ve been super busy with work and cosplays

Baby Peach is finished apart from the wig which hasn’t arrived yet so it’s on hold for now. it had better turn up by thursday!!

So Yossie and Rika have released a new song, not under Hello! Project but under a new indies label. and i must say, this is the best  song to come out of any H!P artists in a looooong time. ever since Kanashimi Twilight i never was very interested in Yossies stuff. i mean, yay she’s been up to stuff but hopefully this will be a brilliant way to re-start yossie’s music career.

I ordered a copy of Yo Yo Girl Cop the other day and it arrived! w00t! after watching it….. it’s a bit, meh. i mean the story isn’t amazing or anything and out of 10 i’d give it maybe a 7 but with all the bad stuff like swearing every other sentence, the hottness of an evil Rika totally makes up for it. the only thing i’d have like to have would have been a bit more yossie. i wanna see her running through a wet warehouse it skin tight crop top and hot pants!!! 


oh wait did i mention i’m a yossie fan girl? why yes yes i am!


We have Liftoff!

4 Oct

I FINALLY started work on the dress today! XD took me long enough. the understitch on my sewing machine is all loose and weird though and i can’t find my manual to fix it…… oh well.
also almost finished my shoes too. just a pair of chopped up crocs but it’s taken much more time that i thought to get it all finished!
dunno how i’m gonna do the sleeves so they don’t die on me like that last cosplay i did with sleeves…… hmm
we’ll see.
Only 19 days left to get this all done! (i’m not keeping track i just counted on my calendar)

Last night Comet had to be put down, i was very sad but i know it was the right thing to do. his wound was way too big for him to have to suffer with. i bet it hurt like hell. poor little guy. i’ll miss him.
RIP little dude

Song of the Day: I Dont Care by Fall Out Boy

The Hectic One

3 Oct

So today at work was sooo hectic. the world and his wife came in to buy stuff! seriously! it was only me and my manager today and we had so much stuff to do. the animals are meant to be cleaned out in the morning but we had so much stuff to do they didn’t get done until after lunch!
so annoying. customers are idiots sometimes. seriously. a guy bought a big bag of dog food and after having to get it from the middle of the pile he left the bag that was on top right in the middle of the aisle. didn’t bother to prop it up or anything. fucking idiot. i’m sorry but seriously people, try and HELP the staff in shops. pick up what you drop. we have better things to do than pick up after you. and don’t let your kids loose either while you have a mothers meeting. mean while without you knowing they are screaming into the animals’ cages and mixing the guinea pig and bird food together in the food bins. put them on leads or something for god’s sake….

i bought myself a camera today, because the family one we have is S.h.i.t.e. we went to buy it for my photography GCSE because my previous one broke. we were looking at a really nice camera that had everything i needed and then dad saw the one that came with the cute little photo printer for £50 cheaper. “let’s get this one instead!” he said. We’ve used the printer 3 times and the camera is frankly… worse than anything i’ve ever seen. it EATS battery power, one of the buttons doesn’t work not to mention its completely F.ugly.
so my new samsung one is nice and pink and has anti-blur and up to 9 face detection and everything! yay! ^^ now i can take decent photos at Expo!
the only thing is, it uses AA batteries so i need to get some re-chargable ones. ^^

Song of the Day : Out of the Blue by Delta Goodrem

A Sad Day…

2 Oct

…Today has been very sad for me. My beloved hamster Comet has this awful sore on his belly, about 1 inch in diameter. he’s been on antibiotics for it but this evening he’s gone down rapidly in condition. He now cant walk properly, it’s awful to see him stumbling around in his cage. i’ve decided that hes been through enough suffering and we’re taking him to the vets tommorrow to be euthenised. it’s not what i want but it’s unbearable having him in so much discomfort and pain.
we’ve just chopped up a tiny bit of my dog’s sleeping pill to help him sleep tonight so he can’t feel anything. if he falls asleep that’s what we want but if he never wakes up that’s ok too. i know what needs to be done and if that comes from falling asleep tonight in his bed or in the little gas chamber at the vets, what matters is that he doesn’t hurt anymore.

mum called the emergency vets tonight to see how much it’ll cost to get it done tonight: £116 it’ll cost!! to blast some sleeping gas at a hamster! it costs £25 at our vets! so we’ve decided to wait till morning.
poor little guy. ill miss him terribly, he’s the last small animal i’m allowed until i finish uni (unless i’m allowed pets there) so i’ll be quite lonely without my little friends. dog’s don’t cut it somehow. i plan to get either rats or a guinea pig next though. always wanted rats, they’re so lovelly and lovable. we have some gorgeous ones at work right now, they’re beasts though because Jess the asst. manager keeps feeding them mini chedders…. too bad they love them. XD and everything else you give them actually…. in anycase, these guys are really friendly, Magnus, Mark and Alex…. they’ll sit on your shoulder for ages just watching you work. it’s great!
too bad they only live the same amount of time as hamsters….. but i’ve had enough of hamsters. i love them and all but they’re so bloody boring….. *sigh*

bought part of my cosplay today…… Dummies…. no seriously, baby peach sucks a dummy so i need one to complete the cosplay… the only thing is i can only buy them in packs of 2 or 3…. it was either a pack of 2 in kind of the wrong colours for 2.99 or a pack of 3 in the rigt colours for 2.74…… i’ll just chuck them out when i’m done… or keep one so i can do Pepe from Shugo Chara. ^^

Song of the day: Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap


1 Oct

So i just spend like an hour on the header….. like? it’s fun to mess around on photoshop.

 anyways! welcome to Radio Hexi!

I’ll try to update everyday but i work alot so i might not. each post i’ll have a “song of the day” it’ll just be a fun/cute/awesome song that you guys can listen to and tell me whatcha think. just a fun little thing to get you into newer or different music. Today’s song is Dango Daikazoku a super cute song full of squishy rice cake things.

After work today i finally started work on my cosplay for MCM expo in london. I’m doing Baby Princess Peach because she’s just so cute! the dress will be a simple shift dress puffed out by a petticoat. i also got to work on her shoes, i’m chopping up a pair of old, fake crocs that i’ve never worn so expect strange things in the next few days. ^_^

well, mum’s calling me to come down for dinner so i’ll wrap this up. bye bye!

Hello world!

1 Oct

Welcome to Hexi’s blog!
Radio Hexi was formed after she was daydreaming as usual about random things and thought it would be cool to have an anime radio station that played anime music and reported on new releases and the such like.
As this was a particularly far fetched day dream, she decided to create this blog instead.

Hexi is an outgoing person who just loves anything japanese. she’s so close to being a weaboo that she constantly has to remind herself that she is still in the UK and not in Hexi-land after all. She never ever uses random japanese words in her sentences though.
Hexi loves to cosplay and i currently planning work on 4 new cosplays including Amulet Dia from Shugo Chara, Balloon Pikachu from Pokemon Snap, Sailor Uranus from Sailor Moon and Kusumi Koharu’s CHANCE! dress.
Hexi LOVES Hello! Project and obsesses over Yoshizawa Hitomi. it’s kind of scary how much she loves her! She has stated many times that if Hangry and Angry do come on tour to the UK, the second dates are released she’s booking tickets. ^_^

Hexi would like to ask for everyone’s kindness and hopes that many people read and like her blog!